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The coconut flour crust also goes well with breakfast pizza, which is what I made this time. For more regular pizza options, you can top it with tomato sauce, pesto, veggies, sausage, pepperoni, arugula, spinach, and the list goes on. The pizza itself was delicious, I used homemade pesto as the sauce and topped it with prosciutto when it was done cooking. Just made this pizza, and the crust is the most successful gluten free crust I’ve ever had! And because all the girls were having a hangover Saturday, they decided they wanted to have pizza. When your onions are done caramelizing, and your asparagus is tender, remove from heat and place onions with the breakfast sausage.

Once the crust is baked and flipped, top with olive oil, scrambled eggs, breakfast sausage, onions, garlic cloves, asparagus, and sundried tomatoes on top.
Turn on the broiler on high and put the pizza back in the oven for 2-3 minutes until top is perfectly cooked.
Thank u for all this recipe.It really help me now bec our twins boys started to do paleo as they sure both have Autism. But this wonderful pizza is the even better version of the pizza that I made specifically for Laura.
Once it is golden brown, use the parchment paper to flip the pizza crust over onto the cookie sheet. Or, if there is more than one person eating the pizza, have each person assemble their own desired toppings on different parts of the pizza.

With 470+ easy-to-prepare Paleo recipes in 17 comprehensive categories it is the only Paleo book you will ever need. Rebecca became interested in the Paleo diet in 2012, focusing on natural, unprocessed foods, and has been hooked ever since.
I’m absolutely down for cheat meals, and cheat on my diet on a regular basis, but pizza would KILL me. It was definitely cooked through and it tasted amazing, but it just didn't have that crispy traditional think pizza crust texture.

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