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My husband and I are on our second week of Paleo, we had breakfast meatloafs last week, and I made this last night for breakfast for the week. This is amazing, and perfectly timed — i am O-V-E-R plain eggs for breakfast every morning and have been dying for some variety.
I decided to make this because I really never make breakfast that is worthy of blogging about. Breakfast always seems to stump people up, but honestly I just eat leftovers for breakfast.

We are bringing breakfast food at work tomorrow for Thanksgiving & I was elected to bring breakfast casserole. I love your recipes and also you because you keep me fed with awesome tasting paleo goodness. I almost always eat leftovers for breakfast so that means I’m usually consuming some kind of random reheated meat and a butt load of fat. I wanted something different for breakfast this morning (eggs and bacon, while yummy, get old!) This was very good – although it came out of the oven kinda dry.

So I thought it would be nice to make some breakfast for my roommate (the Laursters) because she’s so awesome.

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