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Plus: attention, fellow San Francisco Bay Area residents! Henry and I will be signing books at the Mountain View Costco on Saturday, March 29, 2014 from 11am to 1pm!
Speaking of book signings, I had a blast meeting folks in Denver, Naperville, and Chicago last week (and hanging out with friends like Juli, Diana, and others) — thanks to all of you who came to say hi!
It seems like every few days, a review copy of a new Paleo book is magically appearing on my doorstep. That large table in the center of Costco has become somewhat of a coveted spot for authors. So this past weekend as we headed to Costco (as we often do on the weekends – hello family of five with three active, growing boys!) to stock up on our usual favorites,В we approached the book table with breaths held in the hopes that there our pork-loving baby would be. While you are there, we highly encourage you to check out the items labeled in green so you can see all the many affordable organic options that Costco so wonderfully provides. It had been a long while since I weaved my way up and down the entire Costco store, looking at all of the foods they offer – and then reading ingredients lists. To celebrate this very wonderful news our publisher, Victory Belt, has partnered with us to sponsor a giveaway where one lucky winner will win a Costco Membership or Gift Card ($55 value) and one copy of each of our books, Eat Like a Dinosaur, Beyond Bacon and Real Life Paleo. I don’t currently have a card but when I visit NoVA, I go to the Fairfax Costco with a friend. I live in small town Iowa, but we’re about an hour or so from the Costco in West Des Moines. First off, let me thank you all for the amazing support of Practical Paleo via Amazon and in stores all over the country – and world! After making the New York Times Bestseller list 4x already,В Practical PaleoВ has surely gained traction and some more mainstream exposure to those who may not previously have heard of this whole movement.
I recently received word that, while sales in Costco stores have been strong overall, there is a chance the chain will stop selling the book in a couple of weeks to make room for other books for the holidays and may not bring it back until the new year hits. I know for a fact that a ton of you were planning on gifting Practical Paleo to friends and loved ones over the holiday season!

Get this… if sales stay strong over the coming weeks, the book will most likely remain available, but if they slip, you won’t be able to get the book from Costco again until after the holidays are over!
The Brentwood, TN Costco (outside of Nashville, TN) has your book, and I purchased it last week! I have not seen it in the Castleton, IN Coscto yet, although I have seen a couple of other paleo books. Still wish I could find the woman that pointed your cookbook out to me at the Costco in Vallejo, CA. October 25, 2013 By Tammy 614 Comments As most of you now know, Make Ahead Paleo has hit Costco stores nationwide!! You’ll have a ball shopping for paleo cookbooks, organic meats, Honeyville almond flour, coconut oil and all kinds of other paleo-friendly ingredients at a Costco near you with $250 burning a hole in your pocket. There are lots of ways to enter including liking my facebook page, tweeting the giveaway, and my favorites (worth even more entries!): purchasing a copy of Make Ahead Paleo at Costco and even submitting a quick and easy Instagram video (tag me: healthygflife) telling the world how much you LOVE Make Ahead Paleo! I would buy whatever Paleo books were available and then STILL be able to buy food for a month or two.
I think I would buy a few books and then some food to eat for the rest of the family to enjoy. I would buy Paleo cookbooks, as I don’t have any, just online recipes, coconut oil, almond flour, anything else I need in quantity to support myself! I recently saw a paleo book at Costco, I just became a new member and I’ve already saved my membership cost with savings of gluten free items, etc. We’ll scribble in your books as you shop for Kerrygold butter, coconut oil, mac nuts, and other Paleo staples. In Arsy’s gorgeous follow-up to her popular debut, The Paleo Slow Cooker, she offers world-class gastrotourism in the form of incredible dishes from around the world. From gluten-free options at national chains and amusement parks, to a paleo section at the Whole Foods hot bar, and now national grocery stores (both big and small) are not only supporting organic farmers and vendors, but dedicating entire sections of their store to sustainable and healthyВ options to help inform their customers!

In addition to waiting for news regarding placement on the New York Times Best Sellers list, many authors wait for news on whether or not they will be carried by Costco.
I am extremely pleased to tell you, that past the processed food there are seemingly endless paleo-friendly items in just my small local store!
So if you aren’t yet a member that gift card will cover your cost to join, and if you are already member – enjoy some of your purchases on us! My Mom was going to buy one at your seminar in Tacoma, but I can tell her to get it at Costco instead! I also took the books that were there and spread them out over the entire table – so Practical Paleo was the only cookbook visible… hope it helps! I was going to buy it online, but had to make a quick stop in COSTCO and saw that little gem staring at me. But nothing beats the news that our cookbook, Nom Nom Paleo: Food For Humans, is now being sold in hundreds of Costco stores across North America! I especially love that the book features a number of Middle Eastern dishes—I can’t wait to throw a Paleo Persian dinner party at my house!
In fact, we have been seeing paleo cookbooks on their book table for years, long before the word paleo was even mainstream. You may remember that this last fall we received some big Costco news when we found out that our third book,В Real Life Paleo, became available in Costco stores throughout Canada.
And what a massive moment that was when I went to Canada and saw our third book baby there on those tables in Costco, accessible to so many people whom we had hoped to share our message with. While we love all of our books,В Beyond BaconВ is ourВ serenade to all the things we love about food – amazingly rich flavor combinations, beautiful presentation, pasture raised flavor and quality, and eating in a wayВ that is both sustainable to your health, wallet, and the eco-system!

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