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So when I was contacted by the movie studio a few weeks ago and asked to develop a recipe inspired by The Croods, it wasn’t hard for me to say yes. I’m craving red meat often and know to stay away from sodium nitrate so I thought making my own beef jerky would be a quick any-time fix. Your donations are gratefully accepted, and I'll be sure to thank you (by first name & location - if provided) on the next episode of Latest in Paleo!
These days, when Henry and I venture to the cineplex, it’s usually with the boys in tow, so we stick to family-friendly fare.

Then, when I’m ready to store it, I put the jerky in a gallon size zip lock bag with a paper towel in it (to absorb any excess moisture) and stick it in the fridge.
My addiction to beef jerky just started a month ago, and already got too expensive, so I’m super happy to be able to make my own! This recipe had 50 or 60 comment before I moved it here to the new blog and they were overwhelmingly favorable — it would be great to get some conversation going again even if the article is 2 years old now. Babies are susceptible to food borne illness passed on by the mother during pregnancy, so I’m more concerned with the safety of jerky rather than if I should consume beef.

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