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We all know that simmering is a key trick to achieving the maximum flavor absorption and perfect texture of whatever meat you happen to be cooking. Food blogger and cookbook author Michelle was largely influenced by her time studying Nutrition & Food Science at Berkeley and working her way around the food scene of the San Francisco Bay Area.
The gravy and the garlic cauliflower mash are the real stars of this pot roast crock pot recipe! For this crock-pot meal, I adapted my recipe for slow cooker Thai yellow curry with grass fed beef brisket by subbing in goat foreshanks. I put the lid back on the slow cooker and let the broccoli cook for about 30 minutes (on the low setting). Same for Juli, who humorously mentions her perpetually cold feet before divulging this warm crock pot chili recipe with pulled pork.
She and her hubby (and Paleo cookbook co-author) went Paleo a few years ago and she has made it her mission, via her blog, cookbook, and award-winning app, to help people get the most of the Paleo lifestyle and enjoy the best foods the Paleo diet has to offer.

I make similar curries on a regular basis, but usually with chicken and I never imagined how much better it would be after spending the night in a slow cooker. For this one she slowed down and shared this slow cooked beef with a base of coconut cream and red wine vinegar.
This hearty slow-cooked stew is full of root veggies and topped off with herbs and that tart little red fruit.
Super fast (2 minute prep time), simple (8 ingredients) and easy-to-follow recipe with a secret trick at the end for optional crispiness. She is currently either cooking, eating, grocery shopping, or browsing recipes on Pinterest.
Though the recipe calls for chicken, you can also make it vegetarian and the veggie options, while recommended by blogger Steph, are totally up to your preference or what you have leftover in the fridge or freezer. Sea food fans will delight in this simple crock pot shrimp recipe, adapted by the Cavegirl Cuisine from her published Paleo cookbook.

Inspired from a Hawaiian dessert using mashed taro root, this recipe can be made anywhere that sweet potato is sold. If you decide to use chicken, use bone-in thighs or drumsticks and cook on low for only 4-6 hours.
Full of Mexican flavors and seasonings, this recipe serves up enough portions for a large family (or small dinner party).
Afterwards, check out her Paleo Recipe Index for more inspiring and original Paleo recipes.

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