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Athletes love CrossFit’s amazing methods that not only change your body, but your life as well. AMRAP Nutrition arose from CrossFit athletes looking to replace toxic supplements with a clean appetizing energy bar.
AMRAP Nutrition designed their bars with cutting-edge Crossfitters in mind, based on the fundamental principle that CrossFit is used by a broad spectrum of athletes looking for solutions to their fitness shortcomings.
Aside from CrossFitters, AMRAP bars are a highly effective source of energy for other intense athletics.
These bar will enhance your performance the same way it elevates the CrossFit athletes that swear by them. DisclaimerThe views and opinions stated on WODshop Blog are those solely of the original authors and their contributors. At WODshop, we are all about spreading the knowledge, pride, will to overcome, and sense of community that comes with our sport.  We sponsor athletes who embrace the entire CrossFit experience — training, competing, and community involvement — and want to share it with others.
Our athletes are humble, approachable, and are beasts in the box.В  They are true ambassadors to the sport of CrossFit.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce our healthy-eating, performance-driven readers a brilliant new resource–one that dovetails beautifully with our new Whole Athlete seminar series. The Paleo Diet for Athletes is a great place to start, if you’re into endurance athletics.
The Paleo Athlete bridges the gap between general Paleo recommendations and specific dietary strategies designed to improve athletic performance and recovery. Download a preview of 226-page Paleo Athlete e-book, and get started on your path to improved athletic performance. If you'd like to share my recipes or photos on your blog, please use the contact form to send me a message first! We’ll explain why and how AMRAP Nutrition bars are uniquely created with high-intensity athletes in mind. From the physical results, improved health, and the passion and camaraderie shared among fellow CrossFitters, it is a training regimen that pushes athletes to be the best version of themselves. From that standpoint, multi-sport athletes will manifest the performance benefits of these bars.

They provide athletes with the whole ingredients, unprocessed nutrients, and clean fuel to power their workouts. She enjoys staying up to date with the latest information by following all major magazines and blogs within the CrossFit realm. It’s geared specifically for the sports mentioned above, andВ features strategies for those who participate in endurance athletics. But unlike other Paleo or Primal eaters, you’re concerned about health and performance.
She gives you tips for preparing your kitchen, ideas for training meals on the go, and more than 50 recipes to get you started on your Paleo Athlete journey. The other half of the Whole Athlete team, Dallas Hartwig of Whole9, wrote the foreword for this brand new e-book for athletes.

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