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The spotlight is on Paleo Sweeteners now, because we’re living in times when sugars and refined carbs in processed foods are everywhere, causing epidemic health challenges worldwide. Monellin comes from the African Serendipity Berry is 1,500 times as sweet as sugar, and has already been approved for use in some countries.
Monatin, a natural sweetener 1400 times sweeter than sugar, comes from the plant Sclerochiton ilicifolius in South Africa. These African berries are true Paleo sweeteners,В plus they’reВ 100% free of carbs and sugars.
Sweeteners such as Splenda, Aspartame, Equal, Saccharin, Sweet’N Low, Sucralose, Acesulfame K, NutraSweet, etc. Also known as rice syrup, this is a sweetener made by cooking rice, straining, and reducing the liquid to a thick, sweet syrup. Pronounced Lo-Han-GWO, this Chinese herb is a delicious zero-carb, zero calorie sweetener about 20 times sweeter than sugar.В  Siraitia grosvenorii is also called Monk Fruit, as it was cultivated for centuries by Buddhist luГіhГ n monks. Paleo Mayan Chocolate BrowniesThese brownies are chewy, rich, luscious, and spicy because they’re made with pureВ Mayan ingredients like cacao, coconut, chia seeds, avocado, and hot pepper.

Amazing Paleo Green Smoothie Muffins!You don’t have to drink your breakfast smoothie – you can take it with you as a muffin! This raw sap is a pure, unrefined Paleo sweetener with a flavor something like Turbinado sugar. After testing hundreds of sweeteners I use it because it dissolves easily, it tastes like table sugar, and is easy to measure cup for cup—like table sugar. Since you can ferment it yourself with the starter yeast Pichia Stipitis, I consider it a Paleo sweetener.
Gluten-free, grain-free, flourless, non-glycemic, and Paleo, you’d never guessВ by the amazing flavor and texture. Recently re-discovered as sweeteners, some have been approved for soft drinks and prepared foods.
It is made by fermenting whole plant pulp into a zero-carb, granulated sweetener that can be used much like sugar.
Erythritol has a cooling taste.В It does not cause gastric distress like other fermented sweeteners, and it helps prevent tooth cavities.

It also happens to be a zero-calorie, zero-carb granulated sweetener that can be used like sugar. You can buy a good quality Lo Han Guo sweetener from Swanson Vitamins, called PureLo Lo Han Sweetener. I confess that I have a strong bias in favor of low-carb sweeteners because of our current epidemic of sugar addiction, obesity, and diabetes.
I’m looking for a sweetener that will stop sugar addiction in its tracks, and clearly maple is not the one. Or you can be a Paleo purist and buy the whole dried Lo Han Guo fruit from any Chinese herbalist (Ask for Plum Flower brand Momordica Fruit).

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