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The other day I saw a recipe using eggnog shared on Facebook, and I realized I haven’t had eggnog in years! Instead I set out to make my own and ended up with this simple dairy-free, egg-free eggnog. This Simple Dairy-Free, Egg-Free Eggnog recipe has been shared with Natural Family Fridays,В  Savoring Saturdays, Fat Tuesday, and Sweet and Savoury Sundays.
I used a little bit of white sugar instead of brown sugar or dates to keep the light eggy colour, and boosted the sweetness with stevia.
I'm Audrey—a baker, blogger, and author who loves to create and explore simple, wholesome, and allergy-friendly recipes.
I remember ages ago trying vegan eggnog from the store — it tasted good, but was more of a one time luxury {pricey stuff!} while I was just transitioning into a dairy and egg-free diet.

Allow cashews to soak for about 10 minutes, then strain and discard water {this is to soften them quickly.
I just discovered my site has been throwing a whole lot of genuine comments into the spam folder and I just noticed them all in there today! To make this nut-free, I replaced the cashews with a Japanese sweet potato and used coconut milk.
I added the coconut milk to offset the dry texture, and a food processor made it all smooth instead of fibrous. If you want to keep the recipe raw, pre-soak cashews for at least an hour in room-temp water or 4 hours for SCD} {If your dates are hard, soak them along with the cashews}.
I hope you and your son got to enjoy some eggnog out of all the wonderful recipes you featured on GFE!

Place all ingredients in a high speed blender and process on high for a few minutes until consistency is very smooth and everything is blended together {I used my Vitamix for this for a super smooth drink}.
Serve warm {it'll be warm-ish from the blender}, sprinkled with a dash of nutmeg on top, or chill and enjoy cold later {you can also add a few ice cubes to the blender to have a chilled version right away}.
I’m wondering how this recipe exactly gets its eggy flavor, but I guess the cashew richness, thick consistency, and nutmeg, etc.

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