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Those looking to make the move to a Paleo Diet often question the nutritional value of “this way of eating.” One of the assumptions is that, without dairy foods included, the overall diet will be very low in calcium. I recently created a comparison of a day’s worth of meals on the USDA recommended dietВ versus a Paleo diet for children so that we can have real numbers to view first-hand. We can see in a day’s worth if USDA meals that the RDA is slightly exceeded at 123%, while the Paleo diet (PD) comes a lot closer than parents might assume at 90%. If you are lactose intolerant, wish to follow a strict Paleo diet, or find that dairy just isn’t an ideal food choice for you for a myriad of reasons (from allergies to proper handling of the animals providing the milk) obtaining calcium from other sources may be a good idea.
I eat walnuts, macadamias, and Brazil nuts; all high heat cooking is done in either bacon grease or coconut oil. Yep- this is a topic I discuss often with clients and at my seminars, especially since many of the items high in calcium are also high in magnesium. Loren Cordain published an article a few years ago showing that you can absolutely get all the nutrients you need across the board from a diet free of grains, legumes, and dairy. One of the best ways to get calcium on a Paleo diet is to make an old fashioned bone broth, preferably from the meaty bones of grassfed animals.
I’m pregnant with #3 while on paleo and trying to feed a 3 yr old and 1 yr old (and hubs) on the same diet. If you love quiche you’ll be happy to learn that it’s a food that is easy to make the Paleo way. Quiche for breakfast makes perfect sense because it is mostly made up with eggs, a common breakfast food you’ll find on the Paleo diet. One way to make sure that the crust is a paleo friendly crust is to get rid of it entirely. Sun dried tomatoes are very good for you and this recipe is centered on using them as one of the main ingredients. Maybe you never thought that you’d have a quiche that is using a coconut crust, but Paleo is all about being creative and using Paleo friendly food items to make dishes that you actually want to eat and look forward to.
Here they’ve gone with sweet potatoes as the crust, which takes out the grains and flour and replaces them with a vegetable that is one of the best foods you can eat on Paleo.
The fun things about eating Paleo is that you can borrow flavors and tastes from all sorts of cuisine to make things more interesting on a day by day basis. The paleolithic diet (abbreviated paleo diet or paleodiet), also popularly referred to as the caveman diet, Stone Age diet and hunter-gatherer diet, is a modern nutritional plan based on the presumed ancient diet of wild plants and animals that various hominid species habitually consumed during the Paleolithic era—a period of about 2.5 million years duration that ended around 10,000 years ago with the development of agriculture. Waking up with banana pancakes is one weekend tradition that you can continue on with even if you’ve started doing Paleo.
This is a fantastic recipe because it takes the yummy taste of banana bread and puts it into pancake form. This recipe provides a fantastic visual for what it takes to concoct perfect Paleo pancakes anytime you want them. Chocolate seems to make everything taste better, and it’s not something you have to abstain from on Paleo, you just have to become a chocolate snob.
Sometimes a banana could use a little help from its veggie friends and sweet potatoes and zucchini are answering the call. Usually when you see a Paleo recipe that has coconut in it, they’re referring to the use of coconut flour. These banana pancakes get a nice dose of chocolate, but you’ll want to make sure that the chocolate chips you use are dark chocolate if you want to stay within the guidelines of Paleo.
Here’s another great recipe that will have you doing a double take and thinking that it’s a traditional recipe.
When looking for Paleo recipes you can also use gluten free recipes, but you’ll want to make sure that the other ingredients used are Paleo approved. Paleo cooks like to bacon things up, and these banana pancakes are a clear example of some bacon-doctoring going on. We just had to include these amazing coconut banana pancakes because they do a great job of bringing both flavors to the palate in equal amounts. Now, I wasn’t specifically searching for calcium-rich foods when I calculated this day, but you can see how a child can easily come close to the RDA for calcium without a DROP of dairy in his or her daily diet. Wanted to add that magnesium may actually overlap some functions with calcium, and those individuals with sufficient magnesium intakes can actually require less calcium in their diets than those who are magnesium deficient.
It was a little low in calcium, but he explains that the amount of veggies & fruits that would be consumed would provide enough alkalinity to offset the acidity of the animal protein, and ultimately people following a paleo diet will *retain* a lot more of the calcium they ingest. I also want to consume 4-5tablespoons coconut oil dailu(olive oil a small drizzle usually) I am unable to eat much fruit since I developed serious digestive issues. Fruit I’m ok with seems to be blueberries,raspberries,probly kiwi,lemon,lime and strawberry.
You can enjoy this as much as you want as long as you prepare it with a crust that doesn’t use any all-purpose flour, and without dairy products like milk and cheese. This quiche comes with broccoli and ham, so you’re getting a nice mix of vegetables, meat, and of course the egg. This quiche recipe focuses on being low carb, even though we’re not really concerned about counting carbohydrates while doing the Paleo diet. This quiche recipe is loaded with lots of good things for you including organic zucchini, eggs, almond milk, nitrate free bacon, cauliflower, spinach, and more.
It also includes eggs, zucchini, and an onion, as well as regular tomatoes, so you are getting plenty of nutrition packed into this quiche. It’s a superfood in its own right, and it provides fiber and minerals that complement all of the meat you’ll be eating. They are using coconut flour for the crust, so it’s not like you have to go out and buy a coconut and try to figure out how to make a crust from it. It’s packed full of peas and uses feta cheese, one of the cheeses that many Paleo followers will allow because it’s made from goat milk and is easier on the digestive system than other cheese. Collard greens are super good for you, and if you haven’t been eating them a lot until now you should probably start adding them to your shopping cart whenever you’re in the grocery store.

This effectively gets rid of any grain issues because you won’t be using any flour for the crust, but it also gives it some extra protein and plenty of flavor. Sweet potatoes trump their white potato cousins in almost every area of nutrition, which is a good thing since regular potatoes are not allowed on Paleo.
This quiche is inspired by Japanese cooking and has nori and sesame seeds to give it an Asian flavor. They may be small but they’re packed with yummy things like omega-3 enhanced organic eggs, bacon, chicken, and an assortment of vegetables to help balance them out and make them a perfect Paleo start to your morning. I love helping people discover new paleo recipes and enjoy giving helpful tips on the Paleo diet. Ordinary banana pancake recipes have you dumping white sugar and milk into the batter which is made from all-purpose flour, which is made from grains.
Bananas get center stage on this recipe, which has 7 basic ingredients and you know it’s Paleo since it keeps things simple. Even though this doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles to it, it still manages to use coconut flour instead of ordinary flour, and there’s no milk or sugar used, so you’ll end up with some simple flavors all working together to simulate the pancake experience.
It’s easy enough to verify that a recipe lives up to its claim of having just two items in its ingredient list, and here we see that you’re using a banana and an egg blended together to form pancake batter. You can print this off and keep it in your kitchen whenever you’re in the mood for simple banana pancakes that satisfy every time. You have to become too good for ordinary milk chocolate, as that is loaded with milk and sugar that you’re not supposed to have. The three might not sound like they go together well, especially if you’re of the notion that vegetables don’t belong in pancakes, but they blend together nicely and give these pancakes a heartiness you don’t typically see when you just use bananas.
This gives them the feel of pumpkin pie, which goes well with bananas, and you can instantly have a fall classic on your hands if you make them during the autumn season.
There’s a mix of both coconut flour and almond flour here, which always works nicely to replicate traditional flour. It seems to be a pretty good gambit, and is great for those times when you happen to have almond butter and no almond flour or coconut flour in your kitchen.
Going Paleo means you’re going to be gluten-free, but going gluten-free doesn’t make you a Paleo eater.
But notice that it’s not just ordinary, run-of-the-mill bacon, it’s nitrate free bacon, and they tell you to buy pastured bacon if you can get your hands on some. They use coconut flour of course, but also have you using coconut oil, and topping things off with coconut milk or coconut cream.
And of course, like you said, the phytic acid load of a typical Western diet (grain heavy) means that people aren’t *absorbing* anywhere near as much calcium as they think. You will wind up with a delicious broth that is full of calcium, magnesium,and many other minerals, along with natural gelatin, bone marrow, and other nutrients. I honestly don’t think I was actually intaking that much more calcium before starting to eat paleo. I recommend that people eat a whole foods diet rich in a variety of plans and animals and avoid foods that disturb normal blood sugar levels and digestive process (grains, legumes, pasteurized dairy and sugar).
The recipes below all use Paleo friendly ingredients and stick to Paleo cooking guidelines as much as possible. The eggs provide plenty of protein, and broccoli will make sure you’re getting enough fiber in the meal.
They are using plenty of organic free range eggs, lots of kale and Swiss chard, as well as tomatoes, onions, and a bit of parmesan cheese to make this taste incredible.
It is an eclectic mix of meat and vegetables which is a fitting example of what you should be eating while you are doing the Paleo thing. Here they’ve done away with the grain-filled crust you’ll see on ordinary quiche and used a spaghetti squash as a stand in. Of course you’ll need to make your own determination on this and decide whether you want to allow certain cheeses in small amounts, or go totally off cheese. They’re used heavily in this recipe, so you’ll be getting plenty of vitamins and fiber, and she’s using a hard cheese which means you’ll be getting less lactose than you would from a soft cheese, so it should be easier to digest.
They’re using nitrate-free bacon, and this is the sort of thing you’ll want to watch out for when it comes to buying your Paleo groceries. Because of their size they’re great for an on the go breakfast that will help you drive past all of the fast food places with their breakfast offerings that are anything but Paleo.
With 470+ easy-to-prepare Paleo recipes in 17 comprehensive categories it is the only Paleo book you will ever need.
I have been making a living writing about the Paleo Diet for the last year and have never been happier. When it’s all said and done the nutrition from the bananas is overshadowed by all of the junk your body doesn’t like to process. Each ingredient serves a purpose here, and there’s one item that doesn’t show up in most pancake recipes: ginger. This is really bringing it down to its bare essentials, and you may never have thought you’d ever eat, or even enjoy, pancakes made with just a banana and an egg. She’s boiled it down to four basic ingredients, and the way it’s laid out you can almost memorize it so you don’t need to print it. There will also be a more rich flavor to them, and more depth to them, which you’ll appreciate if you don’t really like your pancakes to be too sweet. There’s no need to use reduced fat versions because these are healthy fats and the Paleo diet is all about getting a good dose of healthy fat each day.
There’s also a strong attention being paid to the ingredients, including sea salt rather than ordinary table salt, and the suggestion to use ghee or coconut oil to fry these up in. The other ingredients are stay pretty close to traditional ingredients found in banana pancakes, including bananas of course, cinnamon, vanilla, and baking soda. Kicking the grains is a big part of eating Paleo and it effectively wipes the gluten out of your life (one big reason why it’s a good diet for most that try it).

This is keeping with the Paleo philosophy that we should do our best to source our foods as naturally as possible, opting out of conventional farming and livestock methods whenever we can. Vitamin and mineral cofactors required for calcium absorption include Vitamin D (56% in Paleo vs 12% in USDA) and Magnesium (103% in Paleo vs 87% in USDA). It is highest in dark leafy greens and nuts that are infrequently consumed in a Standard American Diet.
Having been allergic to cows milk all through my childhood, although mostly ok these days with dairy, milk has never really figured big in my diet. There’s fruit sugar in the shakeology(I seem fine with this product) I also take 1teaspoon Celtic grey sea salt daily. Cooking any of these will insure a great start to your morning, or can be used as part of a Paleo brunch.
They’re even using coconut oil, one of the oils that is on the approved foods list for the Paleo diet.
Slices of tomatoes make an attractive topper, and also provide you with extra vitamins and minerals.
You’ll probably find that cooking Paleo is pretty similar to regular cooking because you’re using modified ingredients that still function the same. Paleo purists stick to the no-cheese rule and would take a pass on this one or just omit the feta cheese. Early on in Paleo you’ll want to test out how your body handles cheese and come to a decision on if you will eat it or not.
They’ve added some cheese in with the sweet potatoes to form the crust and give it a savory flavor, so you’ll want to make adjustments to this if you’re not eating cheese of any kind.
Sometimes you have to keep an open mind while doing Paleo and try new types of foods, or old foods made in new ways.
This is one diet plan that will make you not want all of that processed junk and you’ll crave real food for a change. Please read about my journey here and see how I turned my passion for the Paleo lifestyle into a successful blog and career. It’s the unique blend of spices and seasonings that they’re using that gives it that familiar taste, and of course like any good Paleo pancake recipe they’re using a suitable flour substitute, in this case almond flour to give it the heftiness you’d expect from banana bread. The two just work together, and aside from these two ingredients there are just three more in total. Anytime you see a Paleo chef using coconut oil you know that they’re gunning for flavor, and that’s just what you’ll get with these fluffy banana pancakes.
These pancakes use cocoa powder and sunbutter to give you that rich chocolate taste, and coconut flour to keep them Paleo, but also fluffy and light.
The other ingredients are all Paleo, and they even suggest using butter or coconut oil to cook them up on. This is a recipe for those that like a lot going on with their taste buds, or for those that want to shake things up and are tired of the same old banana pancakes. Topping suggestions include maple syrup and fresh fruit, both allowed on Paleo, just make sure the maple syrup is pure and the fruit is organic. The finish product looks like banana pancakes and tastes amazing so add this to your regular pancake lineup. They say the whipped cream is optional on this, and for us Paleo eaters we have to opt out of it, since it’s a dairy-free lifestyle.
All of the ingredients here are Paleo friendly, and you’ll likely enjoy the taste of bacon colliding with banana pancakes. Take them up on the option to top this off with fresh strawberries, as it will give it that 5 star look and taste. So, by allowing a child to eat a diet that is not only fairly high in calcium from non-dairy sources but also providing balanced nutrition to allow for the absorption of calcium, it’s clear that the need for dairy in the diet as a calcium source is overstated and inaccurate. For the crust they provide a recipe that uses almond flour, sea salt, coconut oil, and an egg, so you don’t have to worry about consuming any wheat-based flour.
You want to use the most wholesome and natural ingredients whenever possible while following the Paleo diet.
The preparation instructions on this are pretty straightforward, and it only takes 20 minutes to get it into the oven. One thing you’ll find while on Paleo is that you automatically get plenty of nutrition from the foods you’re eating, so you’ll naturally feel better and have more energy. The crust is simple enough to make using ingredients that are all good in terms of Paleo guidelines. You want to be very discerning and choose foods that are organic, or uncured, or in this case free of nitrates.
It’s a good idea to stick to a workout program on Paleo, because the extra protein intake means you can more easily sculpt lean muscle, which helps the body in countless ways. It’s just a way to make it exciting so you don’t get bored with the same foods again and again, all while keeping it Paleo approved. What’s interesting about these is that they’ve gotten rid of flour entirely, and they’re using almond butter to give the batter a batter-y feel to it. They get the total time on these down to ten minutes, so if you are in a hurry but still want a warm and tasty breakfast this has to be your go-to. Sometimes you might be skeptical when cooking Paleo meals, but you just have to have faith that the cook or chef has gone before you and is vouching for the results. He will only eat peanut butter that is sugar and refined oil filled (which we don’t have in the house, so he has stopped eating spoonfuls of peanut butter with his fruit for afternoon snacks).

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