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They store well in the freezer, too, so you can always have a healthier chocolate treat on hand when your sweet tooth strikes! To prepare the chocolate topping, combine all of the ingredients in the mixing bowl and use a whisk to create a silky smooth chocolate sauce. Pull on the parchment paper to easily remove the solid bar from the pan, then slice into bars and serve directly from the freezer.
These bars should store well in an airtight container in the freezer for up to three months.
This recipe was developed with ground whole almonds– not the almond pulp that is leftover from making almond milk.
These look divine – we dont get almond joy bars over here but i want to give these a try. For carb information, I think you can look at the carbs in each of the ingredients you are using (add the carbs up using the amount per serving and the amount used, then divide by how many bars you make. They have all the flavors of the popular candy bar you love, including almond, coconut, and chocolate, but unlike their processed counterparts, they are naturally-sweetened and loaded with fiber and healthy fats.

The result is an easy and delicious bar, without the effort that would go into recreating an actual chocolate-covered candy bar. To prepare the crust, combine the almond meal, maple syrup, coconut oil, almond extract, and salt in a medium bowl, and stir well until a sticky dough is formed. These bars will soften fairly quickly if left at room temperature, so it’s important to keep them chilled until ready to serve.
Using the almond pulp will probably affect the results, since it will contain less fat and less flavor. I made your peanut butter ones for my family, but Almond Joy bars have always been my fave!
It might make the chocolate layer thicker, but if you warmed the mixture slightly I think it would thin out and be easier to pour.
I have almond flour on hand from a previous recipe, I ordered the brand used by Megan in another of her fantastic recipes.
I asked myself many times how a Twix Candy can possibly be made paleo and healthier than the original.

If that happens, simply place the bowl in a warm area or in a hot water bath briefly to liquify the ingredients again.) Pour the chocolate sauce over the top of the coconut layer and smooth the top with a spatula.
I will definitely give it a try, coconut and chocolate – it does not get much better! Well, I have to warn you before you make this because this recipe I developed is very close to the original and is amazingly delicious and almost impossible not to eat the whole batch all at once!The cookie is made entirely of unprocessed ingredients. For these to turn out looking like these, you will need to double the coconut and chocolaye mixture.
Each cookie is then dipped in melted dark chocolate and placed in the fridge until the chocolate hardens.
All recipes and images on this site are the original creation and sole property of Adriana Harlan, Living Healthy With Chocolate (unless otherwise noted) and may not be used, copied or transmitted without author consent.

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