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The problem is, I’ve never stuck with Paleo for months on end and my meals have never been balanced.
I had big plans for my transformation. I was going to empty out the pantry, get my family eating Paleo, and even record daily videos on YouTube to share the process with the world. There’s not a lot of detail but, since the book isn’t meant to be an overview of Paleo, the introduction didn’t affect my opinion of it. For a free (and concise) introduction to Paleo, read The Beginner’s Guide to the Paleo Diet by Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness.
When getting started with something like Paleo, I think one of the biggest mistakes is trying to change food and exercise habits at the same time. But while the Food Matrix is featured in the book, everything you need to know about it is available online for free. The recipes are used with permission and their inclusion doesn’t invalidate their value but I paid for the book with the expectation that Wolf had taken the time to plan a month’s worth of meals that were balanced to improve my health and well-being. That’s not what this is. I asked Wolf about this on Twitter and, to his credit, he responded, linking me to this blog post where he argues against claims that Paleo is expensive.
But while the post includes useful tactics, they wouldn’t be needed if the meal plan was made with actual care.

Time-wise, I can’t be sure of how manageable the plan is because the cost was too restrictive to even get started. Have a real plan. At the start of each week, write a list of every meal you plan to eat during the week.
Prepare food in bulk.В You could, for instance, hard boil a bunch of eggs so they’re available as snacks during the day. I’m pretty sure that the person that comes up with something like a 30-day plan for eating Paleo, which is usable and easy to go with, will become millionaire.
And, don’t forget that the Nutrition Facts for the recipes in Practical Paleo are available on this page. Not to take away from the whole…I think your work will be like a Paleo Encyclopedia for years to come. I bought your book yesterday and am really looking forward to changing my family’s lifestyle. I bought your book after a slow awakening…bottom line, I was not thriving on a vegan diet and my kids were eating fake food.
The tips are useful for beginners but they’re nothing new and don’t justify the cost of the book.

There’s four per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack), all of which are detailed in an included PDF. They just require a little more time and effort than what’s on display in this book and that’s so very frustrating.
Books likeВ The Science of Good CookingВ will help with making better meals usingВ just a few ingredients.
I have been really enjoying the book and started on a 30 day meal plan, so this is fantastic. I bought the kindle version and I was wondering if you are planning to make the tear out sections available on your website as well since I haven’t been able to figure out how to print from kindle. If that’s the case, you can look to the meals in the Autoimmune section for some egg-free breakfast ideas!
I’ve been calling it THE book but that was BEFORE I saw this shopping list and the nutrition facts.

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