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The first thing you’ll notice about the app is that its nicely thought out and very easy to use.
Tracking your nutrition: Use the P90X app to quickly add servings of food and drinks you consume throughout the day. Tracking your workouts: The P90X app has a simple interface for entering your rep and weight information for each move while working out. One final great feature about the P90X app is that it supports iPod music in the background.
App Review By Joe Seifi Posted on November 11th, 2011 and filed under App Store, Featured, Health (Viewed 4081 times, 5 so far today).
P90X -- short for Power 90 Extreme -- aims to get you into better shape in 90 days through a combination of traditional exercises and nutritional advice, all highly packaged, polished, and available for purchase right on your iPhone. Once you're ready to get going, you can schedule your workouts, choosing between P90X classic, lean, or doubles, and it will push the appropriate times into the built-in calendar (but not into the main iOS calendar, at least as far as I could tell).
P90X is a popular fitness program that's made a bold leap onto the iPhone with outstanding content, if not polished experience. And if you're joining us for Mobile Nations Fitness Month, and P90X is your plan of choice, jump into our Health & Fitness Forum and work out with us! I would have bought this app if I did not already have the DVDs and use the Dailyburn free website to track my progress.
You’ll find a bunch of tutorials to help you get going, and discover loads of little features tucked away in the app as you continue to use it. Use the P90X app to enter your various measurements, attach photos and update these things any time you want.
Pick a program (Classic, Lean, or Doubles), Phase and Level, and pick a start date, then the app automatically fills in a calendar for you.
If you do have the videos already, you’ll be fine and can just use the app to track your workout and nutrition info.

The app save the photos in a resolution so low that Beachbody won’t accept them for testimonials, potential contests etc. Our team loves apps and is dedicated to writing iPhone app reviews to help you find the best new & free iPhone apps in the App Store. P90X, for example, litters the registered trademark (R) symbol around almost more than they do the exercises, and the app actually has you agree to terms and conditions for their content when you launch it for the first time (even movie apps don't typically do that). This data is fed into the P90X profile tab so you can make the experience feel a little more personalized, as well as view your achievements (+1 for game-ification), check your progress, and re-take the fitness test. There's an option to keep a nutrition log in the app as well, but it's not very robust and while convenient to keep everything in one place, if you're serious about it you my want to try a dedicated diet app like Weight Watchers Mobile. Not only do you have the usual Twitter and Facebook options, but P90X even includes support for Apple's Game Center so you can share with the world and get a little peer-pressure working for you as well.
Much to their credit, P90X doesn't use a fitness model in a thong and a hero pose for the actual exercises, but instead a realistic trainer doing realistic training. If you're already all in on P90X, the iPhone app is a great companion and will make it easier to track and keep up with your goals. I am now not sure whether or not this put up is written by way of him as no one else know such special approximately my trouble.
Using this new app you can track your progress, record your workouts, keep a tab on your diet and even download the P90X supplemental videos to help you do your workouts when you don’t have the P90X videos around. The app guides you through taking a series of before shots (front biceps, back biceps, front hands on hips, side, front twist) and you can add new sets at 4 additional intervals during your 90 day program. Work out now lets you pick from any of the 12 P90X workouts, or choose a custom activity like running, swimming or even add your own activities by name. Just tap on the bar for any of the categories and the app automatically calculates your calorie intake. For the latest App Store buzz check out the Trending iPhone apps updated daily with free games worth downloading.

If you're new to mobile health, and you're looking for something a little more hardcore than your typical TV fitness show, P90X is a great way to get started. The P90X app costs five dollars and is loaded with a ton of impressive features for a first release, which probably explains why it took BeachBody this long to come out with an app. You can even share your photos on the Team Beachbody website, Facebook or Twitter directly from the app. You can set a reminder for anywhere form 5 minutes to 3 hours before any upcoming workout and the app sends you a push notification. What’s cool is if you add too many workouts in one day, the app will give you a warning to take it easy.
The app sets one time for every day and the reminders are a real hassle to change after the fact. The app automatically uses the matching serving counts based on your current phase and level in P90X.
There is no indication as to whether or not this app will support P90X2 users coming in December of this year. Keep in mind, taking a full body picture of yourself using the iPhone will be near impossible, so you’ll either need a friend, another app with a timer function (I recommend the Photo Timer app), or you will have to import a previous photo from your Camera Roll. What you can do is choose your actual start date in the past and start using the app going forward. You can then go back through the app’s calendar and enter the workout details for previous days. If you already own the DVDs, you can also always just rip them and put the videos on your iPhone, but that is a ton of work and doesn’t integrate with entering your results into the app.

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