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Crunchy flakes blended from whole oat, brown rice, and millet flours, with just a hint of fruity grape juice sweetness. I agree that I would love this cereal even more if there was a way to make it without ANY gluten - I'd be able to eat it everyday instead of having to switch between it and corn-based cereals. I think it would be a huge seller to create a good gluten free, corn free, flake style breakfast cereal like this one! Wheat Free Cereal Bars - Mon 11th Feb 2013Melt 100 g butter with 3 tbsp golden syrup gently in a saucepan. Millet Flakes - Wed 31st Aug 2011As a change from Oats, Millet Flakes make a delicious, nutritious & easily digestible porridge: toast slightly to remove any bitterness, add water & simmer gently for a few minutes while stirring.

Gluten Free Breakfast: Pear Pleasure - Mon 3rd Feb 2014Make a porridge by simmering millet flakes with milk or soya drink. Good stuff - Fri 18th Apr 2014Has a different taste to oats, rice flakes or quinoa flakes - a bit heavier and stronger flavour but still very nice and adaptable. Very nice - Thu 29th Jan 2015Millet is considered inferior to rice in some places but I think it's just different and very nice as an alternative for oats. Remove from the heat and stir in 100 g oats, 50 g millet flakes, 2 tbsp each of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds, 2 mashed bananas and 100 g chopped dried dates. Leftover cooked millet splashed with dressing easily forms the basis for a grain and vegetable salad.

The porridge made from it is extremely creamy and I love the taste of it which unlike Brown Rice Flakes is anything but bland.
It's lovely even on it's own and no added sugar but great with Biona's Organic Apricots too.

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