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You've all heard of “superfoods,” and while nuts, yogurt and acai are certainly healthy, like the overachievers in high school, you’re probably tired of hearing about them.
Organ meats were a staple part of our ancestors diets and provided a tremendous nutritional benefit to groups of people who had limited access to other nutrient dense foods. Liver is by far the most nutrient dense organ meat to consume.  It is perhaps the most nutrient dense food on the planet and contains specific bioavailable forms of nutrient complexes that are very challenging to get elsewhere. Liver is the richest source of B12 with roughly three times as much as kidney, seven times more than heart and 17 times as much as tongue or ground beef.  Liver is also rich in nutrients such as selenium, iron and zinc that are critical for healthy function. Bone broth provides the nutritional synergy to calm an overactive immune system while supplying the body with raw materials to rebuild stronger and healthier cells. Although I am not a huge fan of the taste of many organ meats, I personally try to consume at least one of the things on this list each week.  I tend to do more bone broth than anything and consume more of these in the winter time than any other time as I typically consume more animal products in the cold of winter. I order my products from my local farmer – Carlton Farms or from US Wellness Meats who has a great selection.

If you’re familiar with the term superfoods in produce, then offal is the equivalent of the term in meats. Unlike other animal organ, liver could retain certain toxins and chemicals used to raise the animal. Because organ meat is so nutrient-dense, there is a real danger of overdosing on certain vitamins and minerals. In nature, most animals go straight for the liver and kidneys after a kill, plunging into the muscle and meats after.
Our current society has no emphasis on organ meats and they are mostly avoided.В  Consuming organ meats on a regular basis can provide one with incredible health and performance benefits. These should all be from organic, grass-fed or pasture-raised animals and not ever from industrial farm raised animals. Cod liver oil is another powerful source of retinol but eating liver on a biweekly basis can provide the amount you need for optimal health.

We are so used to eating prime cuts of meats and poultry that we tend to overlook the most nutritious parts of meat products: offal.
Persistent dietary myths coupled by misleading information made organ meats unpopular in the west. The organs offer some of the densest sources of nutrients like B vitamins, iron, phosphorus, copper and magnesium, and are rich with the most important fat-soluble vitamins, A, D, E and K. Consider yourself on the cutting edge of healthy nutrition (not Hannibal Lector) for digging into foods like heart, brains and tongue.

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