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Mr Nance’s favorite meat is lamb because he can usually get it at a good price and it's easier to slaughter – cows take up too much room in his car.To prepare the animal he butchers it in his basement and stores the remains in his fridge. Around 90 percent of people who eat meat say they do so for one or more of four reasons: It's natural, necessary, normal, and nice. The researchers conducted six separate studies to find out more about how the four Ns play a role in helping meat-eaters rationalize their diet and how their beliefs can tell us more about the behaviors that drive them.
They found that those who endorsed the four Ns the most strongly cared about fewer species of animals, were less likely to consider the moral implications of their food choices, and also showed less concern for issues not related to diet, like social inequality.

Dr Mike:В Consuming any meat at all meant you were 20 per cent more likely to die this year. The studies also showed that four-N advocates experience less guilt than responders who showed ambivalence—and that the more someone believes in the four Ns, the less willing he or she is to cut back on meat consumption in the future. His idea of pigging out on meat was to have a couple of rashers of bacon in the morning, and a burger at nightIt’s as though he’d announced an investigation into the effects of heavy drinking by pledging to down a whole glass of wine every day.Dr Mike always has a clutch of terrifying statistics. By the time he’d finished reeling off the numbers, it appeared that a plate of bangers and mash was more lethal than a one-way ticket to Dignitas in SwitzerlandThere is so much contradictory evidence surrounding what we eat that the only sane response is to ignore it all.

But Not How You Think.A new study predicts that as demand for meat grows, so will our use of antibiotics in livestock.
His idea of pigging out on meat was to have a couple of rashers of bacon in the morning, and a burger at night.

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