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It all started several years ago when an invitation arrived in my mailbox on Pine Street beckoning me to the launch of a spiffy new tequila in a sexy square bottle. It took place at Tommy’s, the well-known tequila bar out on Geary, and was mostly men who were sniffing and swirling their glasses of tequila. Tequila has been transformed from “One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor!” to the preferred libation of the hip, urban professional who enjoys it for sipping.
It came to me that tequila had an alter ego, a more sophisticated, more complex side and I wasn’t the only one who was curious about it. What started as a few women sitting around sipping añejo developed into a group of several hundred very enthusiastic women who not only like tequila, but appreciate its range and nuances.

The store is part of the locally owned Creative Paint company, which has four paint stores and two hardware stores, including Brownie’s on Polk Street.
They go out with their girlfriends for margaritas, and they also savor tequila straight-up with meals, drink it slowly from a snifter and enjoy it mixed into new, innovative, seasonal cocktails. So I created a group called Agave Girls to help women share their enthusiasm for fine tequila and to dispel the myth that a night of drinking it inevitably leads to a morning of regret and aspirin. It includes 25 recipes for delicious food to pair with tequila and 35 cocktails from the best tequila bartenders in the country — several from right here in San Francisco, and a few by yours truly.
I was thrilled by the camaraderie among these women and pleased to learn that I wasn’t the only one out there who liked a beverage that had long been considered the domain of men.

People are drinking tequila for more occasions and experimenting with new labels outside the established names. Agave Girls now hosts a wide range of events from tequila seminars to tequila-and-food-pairing events and excursions to Mexico.
And that there’s a tequila for everyone: blanco, reposado and añejo, extra añejo, highlands and lowlands.

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