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If you've shied away from cooking with tempeh before, start with this recipe, and it's sure to have you hooked.
This baked sweet potato with cannellini beans and spinach is a clean twist on a heavy classic. The one thing that makes weeknight cooking significantly easier is cooking everything in one pot or pan — postmeal cleanup is instantly cut down. The fact that making a delicious batch is little more than throwing ingredients in a pot makes it doubly comforting. The addition of lentils to a classic tomato soup base increases the protein and fiber content for a satisfying meal in a bowl. The only dish you'll use to make this quick, fiber-rich meal is a bowl to mix the veggies and lime juice.

You won't miss the regular version with this one: it's low in calories and packed with protein and Vitamin C. Full of whole grains, protein, and antioxidants, this one-pan tempeh with kale is weeknight (and tastebud) approved. Crisp up the salmon in the same pan that you sautГ© the veggies in, and you've got a low-calorie, elegant meal in minutes. This lightning-fast egg white frittata is one of Lea Michele's favorite dishes, and it might soon become one of yours. These one-pot and -pan recipes are quick, easy, and healthy, making them perfect for your Monday-Friday dinner plans. Make this healthy chicken corn chili recipe for a filling meal that clocks in at only 210 calories per serving.

This hefty kale salad recipe includes a bit of everything from your pantry and fridge: from persimmons to tuna and garbanzo beans, the salad stands up to any evening hunger pangs.
This recipe calls for carrots and radishes, but you can add any and all of your favorite healthy additions.

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