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Hold the Almonds and Pass the Arugula: What You Need to Know About Omega Fatty Acids in Oils, Seeds, and Greens! When many people begin eating on the raw food diet, they inevitably turn to a variety of oils, nuts, and seeds to help increase their calorie intake and add a variety of fats to the fruits, vegetables, and greens they begin eating.В  Typically, many raw foodists turn especially to nuts to create a variety of gourmet dishes designed to replace the heavier meats and starches to which they may have been accustomed on the Standard American Diet (SAD).
Sparked by one of our 21-Day Green Smoothie Detox calls, recently, we had an outstanding teleseminar with green smoothie expert, Victoria Boutenko.В  In her quest to understand health and pursue her own best path to wellness, she began passionately researching omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. She found that missing answer when she discovered the health differences between consuming omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids. It became apparent to her that omega-3 fatty acids, though quite unstable as a molecule, were essential to positive rejuvenation and healing processes in the body while too many omega-6 fatty acids, more stable as molecules, contributed to negative health conditions including slowed metabolism, inflammation, and obesity.
In keeping with her desire to educate the public on the importance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, Victoria agreed to share a comparison of important food ratios that will help you see which common raw foods to select more of if you wish to boost your omega-3 fatty acid intake. Loaded with omega-3 boosting greens, the 21-Day Green Smoothie Detox could be your next best step to enjoy a rawking ratio of healthy fatty acids!
They aren’t bad for you it is the ratios we are looking at specifically of the omeg fats. Thanks so much for sharing those charts: surprising how many omegas are in things like carrots and peas! It seems for those who are not totally raw and eat steamed peas and quinoa for protein along with lentils for fiber, etc. As someone who pays attention to every ingredient in the food I buy I am always aware of how much Omega-6 oils are in the American diet and avoiding them like crazy.
Omega-6 foods are abundant and cheap and are used 99% of the time in our foods so knowing the ratios is VERY important as it not only tells us how much Omega-6 we are getting, but how much Omega-3 we are not. Chia seeds are tiny black seeds from the plant Salvia Hispanica, which is related to the mint. Despite their ancient history as a dietary staple, only recently did chia seeds become recognized as a modern day superfood.
Interestingly… if you subtract the fiber, which may not end up as usable calories for the body, chia seeds only contain 101 calories per ounce. Bottom Line: Despite their tiny size, chia seeds are among the most nutritious foods on the planet. There are some claims online about chia seeds having more antioxidants than blueberries, but I was unable find a study to verify this claim. Bottom Line: Chia seeds are high in antioxidants that help to protect the delicate fats in the seeds.
Because of all the fiber, chia seeds can absorb up to 10-12 times their weight in water, becoming gel-like and expanding in your stomach (9). Chia seeds really are an excellent protein source, especially for people who eat little or no animal products.
Unfortunately, when the effects of chia seeds on weight loss have been studied, the results have been rather disappointing. Although one study showed that chia seeds can reduce appetite, there was no significant effect on body weight (18).
In a study on 90 overweight people, 50 grams of chia seeds per day for 12 weeks had no effect on body weight or health markers (19).

In another 10 week study of 62 women, chia seeds had no effect on bodyweight but did increase the amount of Omega-3s in the blood (20). Although just adding chia seeds to your diet is unlikely to affect your weight, I personally believe that they can be a useful addition. When combined with a real food based diet and a healthy lifestyle, I can definitely see how chia seeds could help with weight loss.
Bottom Line: Chia seeds are high in protein and fiber, both of which have been shown to aid weight loss.
Because they don’t supply any DHA (the most important Omega-3 fat), I think chia seeds are overrated as an Omega-3 source. Given that chia seeds are high in fiber, protein and Omega-3s, they should be able to improve metabolic health. In two studies, a diet with chia seeds, soy protein, oats and nopal, has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, increase HDL cholesterol and reduce inflammation (23, 24).
Because these studies also used other ingredients, nothing can be concluded about the chia seeds themselves.
Chia seeds may be considered an excellent source of calcium for people who don’t eat dairy. In this study, 20 diabetic patients received either 37 grams of chia seeds, or 37 grams of wheat bran, for 12 weeks (27). Given that chia seeds are high in fiber, it does seem plausible that they could help reduce blood sugar spikes after meals, but this needs to be confirmed in studies. Bottom Line: A study in type 2 diabetics showed that chia seeds can significantly lower blood pressure and a marker for inflammation. Legend has it that the Aztecs and Mayans used chia seeds to fuel performance back in the day.
In other words, replacing half of the gatorade with chia seeds did not reduce the performance of the athletes, indicating that chia seeds were of some use.
Bottom Line: One small study shows that chia seeds can partly replace gatorade as a way of carb loading for endurance athletes, but this needs to be studied more.
They also don’t need to be ground like flax seeds, which makes them much easier to prepare. If you want to buy chia seeds, then there is an excellent selection on Amazon with thousands of customer reviews. A common dosage recommendation is 20 grams (about 1.5 tablespoons) of chia seeds, twice per day. Mostly Americans are fond of eating foods with higher Omega 6 rather than Omega 3 and sometimes may even reach 30 times higher Omega 6, which is not that commendable.
Unlike other foods, Chia seeds can provide you with ample amount of Omega 3 acids than Omega 6. As a matter of fact, Chia seed is believed to provide a very reliable content and form of Omega 3 acids mainly because it can be taken by humans in its raw or cooked form.
Chia seed has a complete package, no wonder it is well loved not only by ancient people but even modern ones today. Unknown to some, this seed is said to have 8 times higher amount of Omega 3 as compared to Salmon.

If compared to milk, Chia seed is said to have higher concentration of calcium as much as 5 times higher than milk.
When it comes to vitamin C, it is a fact that Chia seed has 7 times more vitamin C contents than that of orange fruits. Although Spinach is healthy, Chia seed no doubt has higher contents of iron reaching up to 3 times higher than that of Spinach. As you can see, Chia seeds have a lot to offer when it comes to vitamins and minerals as well as Omega acids. This entry was posted in Chia Seeds and tagged benefits chia seeds, chia seed benefits, Chia Seeds Have Omega 6. However, humans are not good at converting this into DHA, the most important Omega-3 fatty acid. Given that most of the carbs in chia seeds are fiber, it doesn’t make much sense that they could be used for carb loading. For some, this symbolizes strength while for Aztec people, this seed is better known as Chian which simply means oily.
Some Chia lovers don’t really care about the ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 that Chia seeds have while others are really keen in knowing more about its Omega acid contents and its importance. Luckily, when it comes to Chia seeds, Omega 3 is much more prevalent as compared to Omega 6. It does have but only to a minimum amount, for it is found that Omega 3 is way richer in Chia seeds.
If this seed is taken in its raw form, it means it will not have to undergo a lot of cooking processes which makes it even healthier. So if you are wondering if do Chia seeds have omega 6, wonder no more for it is filled with all healthy amino acids. I eat little or no animal products and incorporate Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds, and Flax seeds into my diet.
I’ve been lacking in my omeg fats and have been struggling to get them balanced and found my wieght gaining as I have been trying to figure it out on my own. Initially, it was a big influence on my choice to avoid fat and eat just fruit, and even in my higher fat days, it’s always steered me away from eating large amounts of nuts and seeds. Because of this nutritional make up, it would be easy for Chia eaters to balance their fatty acid intake every day with the help of Chia seed. For sure you are now convinced that Chia seeds are rich in Omega acids and more healthy contents that are good for the brain, skin, and overall health status. A largely plant-based diet tends to naturally have a healthy balance of Omega 3s to Omega 6s because fresh fruits and veggiesВ  have equal amounts and leafy greens have more 3s than 6s. You’ll be amazed that this seed contains not just Omega 3 and 6 acids but all 19 different amino acids except for the Taurine.

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