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Delicious recipe of fresh, cold water seafood blended specifically to enhance the levels of Omega 6 fatty acids. Garlic, as an additive to fish foods, has proven to be very effective in controlling both internal and external parasites. Omega One Goldfish Flakes are formulated with higher levels of quality proteins and fats than other goldfish foods. The fresh seafood ingredients in Omega One are particularly attractive to Bettas, since they  thrive on a higher protein foods. Great for hatcheries or large commercial operations, or if you just simply have a lot of fish to feed! Omega 6 fatty acids are extremely valuable to freshwater species for strong immune systems and cell wall development.

A balanced level of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids make this flake an excellent choice for both fresh and saltwater veggie feeders.
The mix was developed with a strong Omega 3 fatty acid profile for the special immune system needs of saltwater fish.
It is also excellent for strengthening the immune system in aquarium fish and stimulating the appetite.
Recent studies have shown that, particularly for goldfish such as lionheads, higher levels of quality proteins with good amino acid and omega fatty acid profiles are very beneficial for growth and long-term health. The cold water marine proteins and fresh omega fats in Betta Buffet Flakes make it a nutritional must for all Bettas. Higher levels of fresh, cold water marine fats, mean incredible attractibility and more active fish..

The holistic benefits of garlic together with natural ingredients of Omega One result in an extremely beneficial specialty food for your expensive and cherished saltwater fish. Additionally, the protein binder in Omega One, which is not water soluble, results in a much cleaner environment, especially in a small tank.

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