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This formula is Mercury-Free, Pharmaceutical Grade and harvested from the Nordic Sea! Our Absolute Omega 3 contains 840 mg EPA and 560 mg DHA (per 2 soft gel capsules).
The three most important criteria for determining which fish oil to buy are purity, freshness and concentration. In the next two newsletters, we will give you the key characteristics that you should look for when choosing fish oil supplement. At Gene Smart we provide health news, information and scientifically researched supplements.
According to cbsnews,com, July 1, a new study between omega-3 and women breast cancer is certainly showing some links between each other. Though some research has seen a different side and perspective to this story omeg-3 does have health benefits. Dosing should begin with at least 1000 mg total fish oil twice a day for maintaining good health.В  To improve heart health a dose of 2000 mg fish oil twice daily, or higher, is recommended. This entry was posted in Benefits of Fish Oil (Omega-3 Fatty Acids) and tagged (HDL), ANTI-AGING, ANTI-INFLAMMATORY, DHA, EPA, Fish Oil, HEART, Omega-3 by admin.
Gene Smart Omega 3 fish oil is extremely high in quality and delivers exception value against all three criteria.

What this means is that for every 1000 mg capsule, there is 180 mg of EPA and 120 mg of DHA or 300 mg of beneficial omega-3s all together. Our supplement formulas are cutting-edge and meet the highest quality assurance standards in the industry, to help you with a variety of health conditions.
Ski Chilton’s research on omega 3s and the effects of bioactive molecules within the human food supply on gene expression (nutrigenomics) has enabled the Gene Smart Team to formulate a variety of nutritional supplements to help with everyday health conditions, like inflammation and heart health. The research is showing a lower number of women who have breast cancer with more fish in their diet than women who don't have much or any at all.
Gene Smart’s fish oil is 2X concentrated and also in slightly larger capsules (1200 mg). A 14 percent decrease with women who ate either more fish or omega-3 was shown, potentially saying that omega-3 has a affect. You can find omega-3 in a supplement at your local market or in fish, usually oily fish like catfish, bass, blue fish, and mackerel showing the highest amount of omega-3 per 3.5 ounces. These fish oil supplements typically say 1000mg on the front label of the bottle right under the word fish oil.
This might be because the Chinese consume more fish in their average diet than most Americans do themselves.

While the women who ate less fish or omega-3 showed a higher percentage and chance of getting breast cancer.
There are many ways to find omega-3 like in nuts, seeds and vegetables but these have not shown any significant progress as oily fish have done. This is very deceiving because it makes the consumer think that they are getting 1000 mg of the beneficial omega-3s (EPA + DHA) in each capsule. Consequently, instead of getting 300 mg of omega-3s from one capsule, Gene Smart makes a capsule where you can get 600 mg of beneficial omega 3s (EPA + DHA). To get the real values of EPA+DHA, you have to turn the bottle around and look at how many mg of each of these omega-3 fats are in one capsule.
It takes a lot more work and money to concentrate omega-3s in fish oil but Gene Smart believes it’s worth it. This provides a tremendous advantage for people taking fish oil because most of us can remember to take two capsules once a day andВ notВ four capsules throughout the day.

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