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This week we’ll start with the basic case of itchy skin that is often caused by the skin becoming and remaining too dry. One of the products that has been extremely helpful in keeping the skin healthy and prevent it from becoming too dry is Super Pure Omega 3. Next week I will try to go over and discuss some of the more difficult to treat skin conditions that affect our dogs and cats and what others have done to help their pets.В  Until then, if you notice something out of the ordinary call your veterinarian and as always, your 1800Petmeds pharmacist is also available to answer any of your medication related questions.
A dog’s skin and coat are visible manifestations of nutrient needs, overall health and weather changes.
Taking appropriate care of your dog’s skin and coat is vitally important to her health. If your dog’s daily nutrient intake is lacking, an additional supplement that can boost skin and coat health may have multiple benefits. If your dog exhibits a dull, brittle coat, unusual hair loss or flaky skin, it’s possible she is lacking essential fatty acids in her diet.
Always talk with your veterinarian about safety, concerns and questions that you have regarding your dog’s specific skin or coat condition, and remember that supplements are only to be given to pets that are deficient of nutrients.
This is most common in environments that cause the skin to remain dry due to weather conditions.

Very often, allergies cause the dog to keep licking the skin or scratching at the itchy area resulting in dermatitis.
The Norwegian fish oil and d-alpha tocopherols in the product have been shown to maintain both skin and joint health in cats and dogs.
If a dog has a poor appetite or eats low quality pet food, supplements may be necessary to help boost the vitality of her skin and coat. Not only can a dull coat and dry skin be uncomfortable for a dog, but it can lead to potentially harmful conditions if left untreated. Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid supplements help give your dog supple, smooth skin and a shiny coat of fur (and benefits dogs in many more ways, like with cardiovascular health).
Vitamin E has multiple benefits for dogs (such as helping fight disease) but it also promotes healthy skin and a lustrous coat. Check out a variety of dog skin and coat products available at PetSmart to determine the right supplement for your furry friend. Yet, with only that one layer, most dogs can keep a positive attitude as they withstand quite a bit of abuse, neglect, mistreatment and more. Liquids are often an excellent choice for picky pooches, as the fish oil can be easily drizzled over a treat.

This type of supplement can be given to a dog in the form of a chewable tablet and is generally dosed at one tablet per 10 pounds of body weight (but always read the label’s specific administration guidelines). Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that can be found in a natural-source form (like d-alpha tocopherols) and wheat germ oil. There are a variety of antihistamines which are over-the-counter that help minimize allergy symptoms and your veterinarian may wish to prescribe steroids for a short duration if the condition becomes unbearable. The soft gel pill form are usually dosed as one pill for every 10 pounds of dog, and there are generally 90 soft gels per bottle.
Vitamin E helps preserve Vitamin A (which in deficiency or excess can lead to irregular thickening of the skin) and essential fatty acids in your dog’s body, contributing to an healthy skin and coat. Now we have another problem…her skin has raised up areas under the hair and the hair is discolored!!
Another advantage to grooming is it allows you to keep on top of any developing skin problems before they get bigger and more difficult to manage.

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