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The 52 physical and mental health conditions that benefit from this pharmaceutical grade fish oil. Benefit #22 Discover the right dosages to reduce heart attack risks, reduce cholesterol or treat elevated triglycerides. In this study, after controlling for age and smoking status, only two risk factors demonstrated significant relations with risk for sudden cardiac death, the Omega-3 Index and CRP (3).
Omega-3 fatty acids are thought by some to have membrane-enhancing capabilities in brain cells. A benefit of O3 fatty acids is helping the brain to repair damage by promoting neuronal growth.
In the prefrontal cortex(PFC) of the brain, low brain O3 fatty acids are thought to lower the dopaminergic neurotransmission in this brain area, possibly contributing to the negative and neurocognitive symptoms in schizophrenia. Omega-3 supplementation shows effects against both positive, negative and neurocognitive symptoms in schizophrenia. Like Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Finest Pure Fish Oil may occasionally become cloudy in cold conditions. EPA is a direct precursor to the omega-3 family of anti-inflammatory eicosanoids (prostaglandins, leukotrienes and thromboxanes).
Those with the highest levels of Omega-3 Index have aВ 90% reduction in risk of sudden cardiac death compared relative to those with the lowest Omega-3 Index. Treatment 1В gram per day of Omega-3 fatty acids reduced the occurrence of death, cardiovascular death and sudden cardiac death by 20%, 30% and 45% respectively.

However, scientists found that those with the highest levels of omega-3 in their blood were 71 per cent more likely to develop fast-growing, hard-to-treat prostate tumours.They were also more likely to contract the slower, less deadly form of the disease, with the overall prostate cancer risk raised by 43 per cent.
However, he stressed that when compared to fatty acids received by eating oily fish, the amount consumed via pills was ‘huge’.It is unclear how fish oil could trigger tumours, but omega-3 may restrict the immune system, or damage our DNA.
Treatment 1 gram per day of OMEGA-3 fatty acids reduced the occurrence of death, cardiovascular death and sudden cardiac death by 20%, 30% and 45% respectively.These beneficial effects were seen already from three months onwards. This reduction in dopamine system function in the PFC may lead to an overactivity in dopaminergic function in the limbic system of the brain which is suppressively controlled by the PFC dopamine system, causing the positive symptoms of schizophrenia. These fish oils have been independently tested for dual rancidity, mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, EPA and DHA levels, PCBs, dioxin and dioxin-like compounds. It contains an essential fatty acid called omega 3 which is further divided into two important parts, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).As you are probably aware by now, most people are severely deficient in omega 3 in the average North American diet. Not coincidentally, O3 fatty acids comprise approximately eight percent of the average human brain.
Those with the highest levels of Omega-3 Index have a 90% reduction in risk of sudden cardiac death compared relative to those with the lowest Omega-3 Index.
If the manufacturer cannot provide purity testing, you should not be consuming it since heavy metals are other toxins are commonly found in fish oils.
The only source of omega 3 in most North American’s diet is fish since most animals are fed grain nowadays to cut cost.
The problem with animals such as beef being fed grain is that while they contain the same amounts of omega 6 as if they would be fed grass, they have very little omega 3.

Also, many of us cook with vegetable oil which increases by a lot your omega 6 and messes up your ideal ratio even more.
For this reason I completely ditched vegetable oils in the past few years except Olive oil every now and then (but not for cooking, only flavor).
For now, the health benefits of having a good omega 3 ratio as taken on lef.org, head there if you want to see the studies backing up these claims. More than half of the brain is fat, and a large % of this is omega 3 fatty acids.How to reap the health benefits of omega 3The easy way is to simply supplement with a source of omega 3. You must also LOWER your intake of omega 6 by ideally ditching large sources of it such as vegetable oil used in cooking (the primary culprit). Most likely due to the increased risk of oxidation damage to the fats in the supplements that I wrote about in my post on the side effects of fish oil supplements.
If you eat grass fed meat you might not need to supplement much, especially if you ditch the higher sources of omega 6.
I personally use cod liver oil supplements because it comes with vitamin A and D which are both very useful. If you use actual oil instead of gel caps, make sure that the sun does not come into contact with the bottle and limit it’s exposure to air!

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