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More and more research is emerging that shows us just how important Omega-3's are for prenatal health and infant health. Research shows that babies benefit from the DHA found in Omega-3 fatty acids during their time in the womb.
Omega-3′s have also been shown to boost the development of the fetal heart and respiratory systems, which is a big deal.
One of the most surprising benefits of Omega-3′s is the astonishing effect that they have on the retinal system. Now that you know how beneficial Omega-3′s can be for pregnant women and their babies, you might be wondering how to increase your intake of this important nutrient.
All babies are smart in their own way, and all mamas are proud of being their smart little angels. There is a certain set of foods that could actually help in the better development of the brain of the baby. Satiate your cravings for sweet while giving yourself a chance to have a smarter baby with dark chocolate.
Doctors put you on supplements such as folic acid, calcium, and iron to ensure that your baby grows the right way. One of the most profound benefits is the boost that Omega-3′s give to brain development.

The DHA in Omega-3′s is also a booster for the nervous and circulatory systems as well.
Omega-3′s promote healthy retinal function and also increased visual function as well. Rich with DHA and choline, the efficacy of these foods in nourishing the fetus’ brain has been vouched for by the studies. According to studies, just two servings of these fish could pep up the intelligence levels in the babies.
Studies also suggest that pregnant women who included supplements in their diet had smarter babies than those who chose to stay away from supplements.
Omega 3′s are not naturally synthesized or produced by the body, so this means that they must be obtained from other sources. It seems that Omega-3′s during pregnancy just seem to give an all around boost to both mother and baby.
In fact, studies show that babies born to mothers who had increased DHA levels had greater visual skills and also better visual learning abilities. Some of the best food sources for Omega-3′s are green, leafy, vegetables and seafood. And now for a limited time, Try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE pregnancy tests and a FREE Digital BBT Thermometer!

My doctor also said that Its nearly impossible for me to conceive due to these factors and to my cycles also being very irregular. Plus, regular practice of this mild exercise form while pregnant improves the circulation levels.
Vedic mantras such as Garbha Rakhshambika Stotram are known to be beneficial for the mother as well as the newborn. Some studies even show that babies born to a mother who got plenty of Omega-3′s during pregnancy will have a longer attention span and increased cognitive abilities at a very early age.
The fetus, in the process, gets an opportunity to imbibe a better level of nutrients that pave the way for better growth and development.
There are numerous other chants and sounds that are based on various musical notes that could pave the way for the development of the baby. Ensure that your body is getting adequate rest so that your baby could absorb all the necessary nutrients for becoming smarter.

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