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Omega One is bringing out a new line of frozen foods that include a marine carnivore, a marine herbivore, a marine combination pack with both blends and a reef formula for fish and corals. The company boasts using a significantly lower amount of gel binders than other foods on the market containing a low level of organic and inorganic phosphatesВ due to the quality of their ingredients. We are glad to see high quality ingredients, plus theyВ have sourced it all only from fisheries that have been certifiedВ sustainable.

The original and longest running saltwater fish blog, Reef Builders provides news and information regarding the saltwater aquatics industry. Our Reef Magazine is a source of professional aquarium news with varying subjects including reef aquariums, saltwater fish, and the husbandry of corals. Omega One is usingВ whole, fresh seafood like halibut, salmon, and cod in these formulas, and are bound together naturally using a protein-binding system.

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