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Every four years, the USA gymnastics team is almost entirely made up of a new set of athletes.
It may seem quite obvious that certain sports are much harder on your body than others, but identifying which sports have the highest risk of injury and lowest rates of return athletes can help medical doctors and athletic trainers develop better methods of injury prevention for those sports.
A simple analysis of the list of athletes who have competed at the most Olympic Games shows that more than half of the athletes that have competed in at least six Olympic Games have been from either shooting, equestrian, sailing, or fencing.
Olympic athletes often seek ways to give their aching bodies and tired minds relief from their rigorous training efforts.
It’s almost unfathomable to comprehend the amount of training and discipline it takes to achieve this level of performance. Michael Phelps’ astonishing performance in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and his astonishing diet of eatingВ 12,000 caloriesВ in a day is well known.
Regardless, endurance athletes such as swimmers, cyclists, marathon runners and rowers do carbohydrate load to fuel their intense, continuous activity. 1894 AD – At the urging of Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is founded.

Yet, this is Michael Phelps’ 4th Olympic Games and he has continued performing at an elite level. It can also help curb our disappointment when athletes who medaled four years ago don’t return to the Games. Athletics (modern day track & field events) and cross-country skiing also have a significant number of athletes who have competed in six Olympic Games (and thus across a 24-year period).
For Olympians, the benefits not only help them recover from their sport, but will also enhance their athletic performance.
Whether it’s the Summer or Winter Olympics, it is fascinating to watch the abilities of the human body and mind.
I’m not talking about motivation to become an Olympic athlete necessarily, but to see what we might be able to do with our bodies, or to see how far we can push ourselves.
Track and field athletes often return two or three times to compete for an Olympic medal, and this marks the 10th Olympic Games for Canadian Ian Millar, competing on the 2012 equestrian team.
Staying focused and not letting defeat or discouragement set them back can be a real challenge.В A large portion of these athletes have had to overcome injury and setback, but they have fought to prevail and compete.

Over the next two weeks, we get to live vicariously through the Olympians as they run, flip, lift, dive, jump, swim, and tumble toward the gold.
These athletes restrict what they eat right before go time to be light and lithe, saysВ Nanna Meyer, senior sport dietitian for the U.S. As a result, they will also show us just how far you can go when you commit to making fitness and healthy eating a big part of your life. Olympic Committee and a professor of sports nutrition at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Even if you never get the chance to call yourself an Olympian, the Olympics is still an amazing opportunity for us to combine fitness and food and discover the athlete within us all.

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