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Colin Campbell in the acclaimed plant-foods-as-medicine documentary, Forks Over Knives, made "no extracted oil of any kind" a key rule of the plant-based diet he prescribed to a group of near-dead patients with coronary disease.
Twenty years later, those who complied are still alive and well.Fuhrman and Esselstyn agree that all oils are nutrient-poor and calorie-dense. The combination of these two characteristics make oil -- even extra virgin olive oil -- an extremely low-ranking food on Fuhrman's Aggregate Nutrient Density Index.The scale uses the simple equation of nutrients divided by calories to calculate the value of a food. So even though olive oil may provide vitamin E and omega-9 fatty acids, among other nutrients, its extremely high calorie and fat content gives it a score of just 9 on the ANDI scale, whereas kale, for example, scores 1,000.Fuhrman's scoring scale is largely based around the volume of your stomach.

In any case, feeling like a crazed and ravenous wild animal despite having consumed cup upon cup of mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, and garbanzos, I caved after about a week of the oil-free diet.
I am so convinced by the science behind it, though, that I am going to reconfigure and give it another try.I'm not the only believer in the oil free diet who's had trouble sticking to it. Marie Jorgensen, a vegan who lives in Coconut Grove, ate oil-free for a month before falling off the wagon."At first I didn't think about the effect oil has on our bodies because that's how we're raised. She said convenience was a big factor in her slide from the oil-free lifestyle, remarking that nearly every prepared product in the grocery store contains some sort of oil.

Like me, though, she still believes in the oil-free diet, and is eager to give it another shot."Finding a balance is a goal of mine," she said.

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