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While most people who want to try the HCG diet program often enroll for the 15 day hcg diet program, they often continue up to 21 days or even 45 day programs later.
The 15 day hcg program is just to ensure that you get a feel of the HCG diet and how it works. With the 15 day hcg drops, the diet works efficiently but losing 10-15 pounds is not what most people are looking for. You can buy them off the Internet.The Official HCG drops do not require you to buy any frozen food that you have to keep in store for the entire course of the Hcg diet plans.
Non homeopathic oral HCG drops require that you follow the specific diet with very low calories that may be injurious to health. Non homeopathic oral HCG drops may not always contain the necessary HCG required for your diet.Official HCG drops versus non homeopathic oral HCG dropsThe Official HCG drops have the perfect quantity of HCG in them that will ensure a proper weight loss.
This can be very easily verified if you still feel hungry and fatigued during the Hcg diet. It will influence the hypothalamus part of the brain that gives alerts when the body craves food. The Official HCG drops will divert the energy requirements to the stored fat in the body.The non homeopathic oral HCG drops are sometimes undiluted. This will cause the body to have lots more HCG in the body than required and lead to many health problems. The non homeopathic oral HCG drops may just affect the body during the course of the diet and not prolong the weight loss. The Official HCG drops will help in a long lasting weight loss.45 Day Official HCG Diet PlanThe Range of HCG products online has gone manifolds. Among the Official HCG diet plan the 45 Day Official hcg diet plan is one of the most popular.With a money back guarantee and an additional $10 challenge by the vendors of The official hcg diet plan, thing seems to be so good that there are no returns.
Being an official seller of this product, I can assure that there has not been a single return on this product personally.
With no additional fee or recurring fee, the Official HCG Diet plan is one among the few products to reach heights.The official hcg 15 day diet planOfficial HCG diet plans are for safe and fast shedding of weight.
The official 15 day hcg diet plan is confident that you will start loosing weight within the first week of its use.
They have actually challenged that if this is not the case and you are not totally happy with the results of your 15 day hcg diet homeopathic drops, you can demand a refund from the company and also get an additional $10 dollars for your trouble. These drops will use up the energy formed by breaking down fat that’s stored away in your body rather than let you crave for food.
As per the 15 day HCG diet instructions, Phase 3 is the maintenance phase that needs to be done from 13-15th day. You may gain weight during this period but it will come off quickly when the low calorie diet begins. Possible reason of choosing the 15 day hcg diet instructions may be because they do not have to go through a rigorous 3-4 weeks that comes with other heavy diet programs or the break which gives them the time to see if the diet really works or not. Choose this 21 day diet plan.The Official HCG diet plans are for those people who are looking for a safe and quick method to lose weight. In this plan, the drops are administered along with a very low calorie diet or (VLCD) which will give you dramatic changes in your body weight and will contour it accordingly. You will have a constant feeling of well being.If you decide to order the official hcg diet plan (and do that before 4 pm. An original Pounds and Inches e book which was composed by Dr Simeon comes along with the pack and also a official hcg diet weight loss program which you should follow without cheating.

Another e book included in this pack is a best hcg recipe book which you can used during your diet. You can keep track of all the weight and pounds you lose by adding to the official weight loss log daily. These accessories in the 21 day diet plan will make sure that you are not left on your own during the diet.The official hcg diet plan boasts that you will start seeing a difference in yourself within the first week of your diet and if you are not 100% satisfied, you can return the pack and get a refund on your product.
Well, its just faith in their product.The official hcg 21 day plan will make sure to burn fat in the abdomen, thighs and other fat pron areas in your body.
After a research in 1950’s, it was found out that HCG helps obese people lose weight with intake of 500 calorie restricted food. During recent times, HCG drops diet has gained lot of popularity due to the fact that it results in effective weight loss at a quicker pace without exercise.
Though many say that the Official HCG diet works like a miracle, it is yet to be proved that HCG works in a body as a person who is in a limited food will lose his weight. The intake of calories is less which makes you lose all the important nutritional value in foods. There have been many side effects that are related to official HCG drops diet such as headaches, vomiting, blood clots, fertility issues and many more. Official HCG drops claims that you will lose around one pound a day mainly due to lack of calories. The HCG hormone is effectively used by many along with a proper diet that makes it easier and makes body healthier than ordinary weight loss plans. The diet program can be selected as per the targeted weight loss, 15 days, 21 days, 45 days, or 90 days programs.
The HCG drops can be rebranded according to the retailer including the packing and shipping. The procedure is to administer these drops for the required period of time along with a strict diet of only 500 calories per day. Only those food items that are listed is to be consumed and that too in the required amount.
The specifications are given for vegetables, fruits, drinks, protein rich foods, seasoning and their cooking methods etc.
Phase 1- Loading Phase: This phase is the initial two days when there is lot of food intake with the Official HCG drops.
The food that is allowed in this phase are heavy food items that will fill up and also will help shoot up the body metabolism. In this phase only 500 calories of food that includes protein rich food, absolutely no sugar or oil, small amount of meat, handful of green veggies etc. Due to these side effects it is always advisable to take homeopathic preparations and Official HCG Diet is homeopathic and no added chemicals are present. It always happens that someone is on diet but yet not able to reach the goal of losing as much weight as expected! It is because of the bare fact that low calorie diets have a limited effect on weight loss.
The simplest way is to have an Official HCG Diet Plan.HCG is a naturally occurring hormone in humans, when worked in the right way helps reduce those unwanted fat deposits in the body. The diet allows having only 500 calories per day and taking the HCG drops as required for the duration. So there is no feel of starvation and the body gets its usual energy.The Official HCG Drops Diet offers a money back guarantee with an extra $10 if unsatisfied with the product, if anyone is unsatisfied with it and return it within a week.

The challenge lies in how much one can stick to the plan, because there are no results with the effort of only HCG. Official HCG Drops can help lose weight only when it is combined with the strict diet plan.
HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a naturally occurring hormone in humans, when worked in the right way helps reduce those unwanted fat deposits in the body.
There are 15 days, 21 days, 45 days, 90 days, and even a couple plans.All the plans follow the same procedure for the first 5 days. The next three days, the drops start their effect on the body and you start the main diet food only. This means, you are to eat only the specified or allowed food as long as you take the drops. Once you stop the drops, after three days just continue with the controlled diet making sure to maintain the weight. The plan is to take the HCG drops under the tongue in the required amount and keep it there for a while before swallowing.
If two people are interested in losing weight simultaneously they better get this package that contains two bottles of HCG drops 21 day plan and a guide and other regular contents.If anyone wants to lose further weight after one diet plan they can go for another round after a few months, so that the body is accustomed to the lighter weight. The Official HCG drops are weight loss products that have the hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadptrophine which is a pregnancy hormone.
This hormone can help anybody lose weight because the HCG can break down reserves of fat in the body. There have been complaints that the HCG used in the Official HCG diet plan are not legalized yet.
There are several reasons for this.HCG diet drops are not yet approved by the FDA for use as diet products as the side effects of the drops have not yet been studied properly yet. However, people who have used the Official HCG diet plan experienced rapid weight loss and they also found that they do not gain back the weight. If you experience any such thing, discontinue the diet immediately.One of the major Official HCG diet plan complaints is that it tastes like water. The dilution is such that there is the right quantity of HCG in the drops to make you lose weight, nothing more and nothing less. These have different quantity of HCG in them.There have been no Official HCG diet plan complaints that the drops have caused any serious illness or injuries in people. The various phases of the Official HCG diet plan have to be followed properly in order to lose weight correctly and without side effects. The instructions have to be read carefully because if you have lesser quantities of Official HCG in your body, you will start feeling tired from lack of energy. Improper amounts of Official HCG means that there is not enough of fat store breakage to provide for the energy.
The dosage should not be too much either.The Official HCG diet plan complaints about fatigues from the low calorie diet is because the drops may not have saturated into the body enough.

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