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A healthy vegan diet is a great way to boost your health and your planet-friendliness, but finding satisfying and healthy vegan recipes isn’t always easy.
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I remember my mom trying even then to explain the dangers of artificial sweeteners, and it just kind of went in one ear and out the other.
My mom has actually taught me about quite a few things that, initially, seemed like something only a crazy woman would be keen on, including chemical sensitivity, soy milk (in the 80s, mind you), and plastic surgery. For these recipes, I was set on creating a lower calorie vegetable soup that could be paired with a more indulgent biscuit. The soup derives the majority of its flavor from the unique combination of herbs and vegetables, namely the basil and leek.
In the biscuits, the flavors from the sweet potato and oat flour pair exceptionally well with the coconut milk, all lending a soft and tender inside with a slightly crusty outside. This soup sounds perfect for the upcoming cold weather and I can’t wait to whip up those biscuits. Oatmeal with a Fork is a part of the Amazon Affiliate Program, meaning that I receive a small portion of revenue if you purchase certain products through this site. If you're avoiding gluten and meat, figuring out what to eat for your daily meals can seem overwhelming. Just because you may have a diet that eliminates multiple ingredients doesn't mean that you can't enjoy good food. Oats – Oh!В  So delicious at breakfast and beyond, adding oats to your diet is a super plus!В  Now that the weather is colder, you’ll love these hot Oatmeal Apple Pancakes.
Spelt – Super good and very ancient!  Spelt can be used just like its modern cousin wheat.  We’ve used only spelt flour in these delicious Blueberry Spelt Muffins.
Rye – Really hearty and filling, rye bread is my all-time favorite!  These Mini Brie and Arugula Sandwiches with Apple Mustard are outstanding on hearth rye bread. Quinoa – Quite a remarkable grain, quinoa has the highest protein content of any other grain!  It’s a wonderful addition to soups, stews, casseroles, salads, and even breakfast.  Try these delicious Quinoa Garden Cakes with Lemony Yogurt.

Brown Rice — Among the best known of the whole grain family, brown rice comes in many varieties and can replace white rice in just about every dish from stuffing to sushi.   But, if it’s new to you, a great place to start is with this recipe for Brown Rice Pilaf with Mushrooms and Apricots.
Leave a ReplyComments are moderated and generally will be posted if they relate to the specific topic discussed in the post on which they are made. I was watching the Martha steward cooking school last saturday and it had some great recipes that I wanted. Oprah’s vegan challenge asks that participants go vegan for a week, and there are a lot of great reasons to do it. I love to dip my biscuits into the warm soup to soak up some of the broth, and the contrasting temperatures and textures from the savory liquid and the lightly sweetened rolls really complement one another!
I usually poke them with a fork and bake them in the oven for about 40 minutes at 400 degrees. I made 3 dinners: stir fry with storebought sauce, pasta with meat sauce (at least I made the sauce) and pan-fried salmon. Fill the center of the sandwich with aged cheddar or fresh mozzarella, along with pesto and tomato. Top the gnocchi with tomato sauce and shredded parmesan cheese, and serve with a small salad. There are plenty of gluten-free and vegetarian options available for anyone who needs a little help with some menu planning. Off-topic comments, personal attacks (hostile, derogatory or deliberately insulting comments toward a specific individual or group) and flaming (comments intended to induce an angry response) will not be posted. I have a sourdough starter sitting on my counter right now - whole grain rye flour and water.
Backing her up were sustainable food luminaries like Michael Pollan and Kathy Freston, both passionate advocates for limited animal protein diets. I actually appreciate that she’s not disingenuous with me, and have learned to be grateful for her good qualities, including raising me with the knowledge of all things health-related, not the least of which was food. I love the idea of sweet potato biscuits (or scones as we call them) I’ve had a major dumpling craving this week and I think these might appease me!

Turkey sandwiches and boring salads were my lunches and breakfasts were packets of oatmeal. I never would have thought to make biscuits to go with soup so I definitely need to try both the recipes out together..
I had no idea what a “normal” slice of bread looked like until I discovered a piece at my Grandmother’s house.  You can imagine my shock to learn there was more than one kind of bread and not all of it was tiny or rye! I make cornbread, coat fish, chicken, I add it to meatloaf instead of bread crumbs, and I have even made tortillas and chips and silly enough, at halloween I made grits and my 2 and 3 yr olds LOVED the purple breakfast!
Cutting out animal and dairy products can be a great way to increase your vegetable and fiber intake. Eating a balanced diet, filled with vegetable proteins, whole grains and veggies is important, but so is feeling satisfied, so we have even have three tasty vegan desert options for you. As I grew up I realized this tiny bread was a huge part of my life, setting the stage for my love of rye and my desire to learn more about it and other whole grains, and to eventually bake my own bread.
It can also help the planet since vegetable-based foods require far less water and energy to produce.
Your vegan diet may only last a week, but we hope you will enjoy these healthy vegan recipes long after that. Stir in a pinch of red pepper flakes along with a good pinch of salt (it helps to lightly salt each layer of additions as you go). WW points (new system) (for soup): 3 Please see below the recipe box for biscuit nutritional info.

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