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A newly released article in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition examines the validity of blood type diets.
I will acknowledge that some individuals who follow blood type diets may feel better and improve their health.
When I got to Med School, in my sophomore year, I gained a lot of weight and to remedy that, I went into a (pesco)vegetarian diet (inspired by Natalie Portman) and had a cheat day on Sundays. The book is my guide book to what foods I should eat that would work well with my blood type.
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The EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR TYPE website boasts of celebrity endorsements and drops a few names.
I learned that Blood Type A benefit in a more vegetarian diet with small doses of chicken and fish. I wouldn’t go into the details why these types of food is recommended for certain blood types as not to bore you.

Since I just bought the book for Blood Type A, I resorted to the internet for infos about other blood type, hehe.
Peter D’Adamo, who suggests that your “blood type is the key to your biochemical uniqueness.
To my knowledge there is no research to substantiate the theory that “metabolic type” is always linked to a person’s blood type. It’s presumptuous to believe that the metabolic, digestive and even immune systems (related to food sensitivities) have not adapted or evolved since the establishment of blood types. Simply put, there are some certain components of certain foods that react differently toВ synergisticallyВ or against the blood type components. I am a medical doctor, a lifestyle blogger, a wife, a newbie mom, travel junkie, a foodie and a bookworm. When you eat right for your type, your body responds the way nature intended.” He presents the assumption that all people with a given blood type (A, B, AB, or O) have the same nutritional needs. No one really knows if a person can have mom’s blood type but dad’s “metabolic type.” It’s not been researched or tested.

Blood type diets have been around for years but there has never been any good science to support the claims made by authors who created them and profit from books written about them. Their blood types have not changed, but that does not mean other genetic traits have not evolved. I find it irresponsible to assume that a the ability for the body to utilize carbohydrate, protein and fat could not have evolved independent of blood type. I did miss the benefits that vegetarian diet gave me but getting back into the wagon is soo hard. Without being tested or supported by solid research, it remains just an opinion…which is what the blood type diets are at this point.

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