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Average Nutritionist salaries for job postings nationwide are 14% lower than average salaries for all job postings nationwide. While nutritionists and dietitians do not earn as much as other health professionals and practitioners, their median annual wage is nearly 60% higher than the combined average, median salary of all jobs (BLS.gov). A certificate in holistic nutrition typically requires completing a program and 500 professional nutritionist practice hours. Registered Dietitian Licensure: This exam is usually a requirement in order to work as a nutritionist or health professional in many states.

While a bachelor’s degree in holistic nutrition provides a solid background and foundation in holistic concepts and approaches, it is almost always required if you wish to work as a dietitian or nutritionist. Since there is no official standard at the federal level for becoming a nutritionist, it is possible (and frowned upon) to obtain the title without any formal education.
Many nutritionists obtain their master’s degree and go on to work in research and development fields. While this program does will not allow you to work as a nutritionist or dietitian, it does help you become eligible to sit for the Registered Dietitian licensure exam.

While the term is not protected or regulated by law, there are several qualified nutritionists with bachelor’s or master’s degree who work in research and development related to food and nutrition. You can also speak to a practicing dietitian or nutritionist to learn more about the profession and how to succeed in the business.

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