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Ensure is the number one seller of nutritional supplement drinks, designed to help the sick and elderly gain weight.
In light of the recent killing of Cecil the lion, I thought I would do my part by delivering a positive message for any person that wants to listen. Bottle can be used as a sole source of nutrition in patients over 6 years old, but is best advised to be added to, if possible, some sort of food diet. Forticreme Complete can be used as a sole source of nutrients, but it is advised, where possible, to have it as part of a food diet. Your dietitian, doctor or nurse will explain how many oral nutritional supplements you should take to suit your needs or medical condition.
Many of the products in the Nutricia oral nutritional supplement range are clinically lactose free (i.e. Fortijuce, Fortini, Fortini Multi Fibre, Polycal Liquid, Polycal Powder, FortiCare, Calogen and Nutricia preOp. Fortisip Yogurt Style, Fortisip Drinks Extra, Fortimel, Forticreme Complete, Protifar, Scandishake Mix, Renilon 7.5 and Infatrini. Nutricia produces the Neocate range of products which are specially designed for infants and children with cows' milk protein allergy.

Nutricia oral nutritional supplements are based on cows' milk protein so are not suitable for these patients.
Nutrison Soya, which is prescribable for disease related malnutrition in patients who have cows' milk protein intolerance. Fortini should be sipped slowly over about 20 minutes to minimise sharp rises in blood sugar levels. The majority of Nutricia's tube feeds and oral nutritional supplements are suitable for vegetarians as defined by The Vegetarian Society. Colouring agents are not permitted in foods specifically designed for infants and young children under 3 years of age.
Specialists in treating the elderly, take weight loss among the elderly very seriously and caregivers should too.
Nutrition drinks and supplements can interact with medications the same way prescription drugs do. The bottom line is that nutrition drinks are a not a magic fix for lack of eating or under-nutrition. Some people may prefer to take oral nutritional supplements warm, especially if they want to incorporate certain flavours into soup or custard.

Nutrison Soya may not be suitable for vegans as the Vitamin D is derived from sheep's wool. Add the prescribed number of scoops of Nutilis to the drink and mix with a fork or whisk, or replace the lid on the shaker and shake vigorously until the powder is well mixed with the drink. However, some caregivers feel that feeding their elder a nutrition supplement drink, instead of a meal, ensures that their loved one is getting the nutrition they need.
The decision to use oral nutritional supplements during pregnancy should be made by a dietitian or doctor.
For instance, your elder is missing their egg and toast breakfast as they are having trouble with their swallowing.

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