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Exploring periodization, this book discusses strength, speed, endurance, and nutrition and thoroughly explains the role of water, supplements, carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. Athletes wishing to race as an elite must hold a USAT elite license in their respective category.
Bob's book, Nutrition Periodization for Endurance Athletes: Taking Sports Nutrition to the Next Levelwill provide triathletes of all levels education on how to structure their nutrition program based on their exercise program.

It is intended to serve as a workbook that will help any athlete understand how nutrition can become part of their yearly, monthly, weekly and daily training to improve health and performance. I'd caution against the Kindle version, though, because some of the "Fuel Tips" sidebars for some reason I could not read in their entirety.
Believing I'm genetically inclined to be overweight, I chose long distance endurance sports thinking it was the only way I could stay lean.A turn-around for me was reading the Primal Blueprint a few years ago, which has brought me tremendous peace, but still, I want to race sometimes and not feel like I've reached an energy redline.

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