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Armageddon Weight Loss Fitness DVD Program is the world’s largest genuinely scientific-based weight loss fitness DVD program.
Armageddon was developed to counteract the numerous fads, gimmick, and “pseudo-science” weight loss fitness program on the market. Every purchase of Armageddon Weight Loss Fitness DVD Program comes with your own personal coach… COMPLIMENTARY.
The Armageddon program offers a refreshing level of honesty, integrity and evidence-based science to truly help those in need get the practical knowledge that they require to achieve their health objective. Studies show that a combination of both exercise and calorie restriction result inВ 9x GREATER WEIGHT LOSS, than exercise alone.
Exercise is your main weapon in the battle against the inevitable slowing of metabolic rate that occurs due to dieting. Secondly, throughВ weight trainingВ you will be able to maintain your muscle mass, instead of losing it, as occurs during weight loss.

I’ve been trying to lose fat for ages with no success as I was just losing water weight. Avoiding this loss of muscle will help keep your metabolism up and will make you look healthy and toned. Losing more than 2 pounds of weight per week means that you are losing water weight orВ muscleВ tissue, rather than fat. Armageddon is the only weight loss fitness programВ taught by 22 separate instructors that are doctors and scientists with legitimate degrees, fitness experts, and champion athletes.
Our experts actually keep in touch with you on a regular basis to ensure you are staying on track to meet your goals and to make adjustment to your plan as needed. All individuals featured in our book and videos are actual clients or are our actual fitness experts. However, you can see for yourself that if you manipulate both sides of the scale,В by both dieting and doingВ exercise, it will result in an additive, and even synergistic, reduction in body weight.

Accountability is one of the highest motivators for success and Armageddon Weight Loss truly delivers on this promise.
To lose weight you need to reduce your total calorie intake to create a calorie deficit, you can use this calorie calculator to get an idea of how many calories you need to 1) maintain your current weight 2) lose weight.
This doesn’t mean eating grapefruits everyday forever, but adopting good nutrition practices (during your weight loss period this may be more stringent) that are essentially possible to keep to. Reducing your calorie intake by 500 calories (for example from 1900 calories a day to 1400 calories) applies to your total calorie intake (dietary fat, protein and carbs), not just dietary fat. Also, research suggests that people who diet and exercise are more likely to successfully keep the weight off than people who just diet.

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  1. KahveGozlumDostum:
    Sunflower seeds are loaded with protein used as a substitute.
    Phytosterols, vitamin E, copper, manganese, selenium, various are loaded with protein, fiber, phytosterols sunflower.
    Did You Know?Sunflower seed can be used as a substitute for various B vitamins, phosphorous, magnesium, and folate. Selenium.