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Research shows that a high-quality, purified fish oil supplement is the best source of omega-3 EFAs. This Fish Oil actually has a decent taste and there isn't even a hint of fish taste or smell.
An increase in omega-3s supports key anti-inflammatory pathways, which in turn support heart, brain, circulatory, metabolic, joint, and tissue health.

Nordic Naturals utilizes proprietary enzymatic and oxygen-free processing technologies to ensure no fishy smell, taste, or aftertaste. Natural triglyceride form Distilled for purity Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for good nutrition and overall wellness. Our patented encapsulation process also adds natural fruit essences into both the soft gel and liquid oil for a light, fruity taste.

Years of feedback from health professionals and customers alike indicates that children, teenagers, and adults of all ages enjoy the clean, light taste of Nordic Naturals fish oils.

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