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A delicious and nutritious stir fry with our peanut sesame sauce that is sure to become a family favorite. Your visits, subscriptions, and the comments are the reason why I keep this site constantly filled with delicious recipes and food pictures. In this possibly last post of the year 2011 I would like to share a dish with one of my favorite Cantonese noodle dishes – stir-fried noodles with soy sauce.
Compared to the ordinary lo mien you get from one of the 5000+ takeout restaurants across the US, this dish calls for premium soy sauce (extra savory) and a special ingredient called Chinese yellow chives.
To receive the latest updates on authentic Chinese recipes, please consider subscribing to Yi Reservation via email. Traditionally the plain fried noodles are served as a snack, or breakfast, or a quick bite. It is a fact that earlier in the summer, my oldest son requested Ramen Noodles for his 14th birthday lunch.
I’ve made this before, but making a kind of terryaki sauce from my soy sauce, nice to get a simple suggestion of just using the soy sauce, great idea for when I am busy or tired.

Yes, it’s very strange how yummy ramen noodles taste considering they are not made out of food, really. I don’t really have a relationship with Ramen Noodles, but I think this recipe sounds so simple, healthy and delicious that I’m going to develop a relationship with it! My husband requested ramen noodlesin his boxes from me while he was stationed in Afghanistan last year. Fantastic recipe :-) and as i was cooking it , my picky 10yr old was cooking a pack of top ramen haha!! Annie Chun’s makes 100% whole grain brown rice pad thai and mai fun noodles, they are great! To make the stir-fry sauce, combine the soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, and sesame oil in a bowl. I didn’t grow up eating the cantonese style stir fried noodles but I love this dish so much I make it quite often at home. However, this recipe looks really good…I’ll be trying this sometime this week!!

The kids then mix their own versions of chinese sauce using jellies, balsamic vinaigrette and liquid aminos.
I actually brake up the uncooked noodles in the bag and pour the dry seasoning packet over the top. Fry for another 1 minute when the bean sprouts are just about to wilt (overcooking will result wilted bean sprouts which is saggy).
I highly recommend switching to whole grain pastas and skipping any MSG filled sauces and flavorings as part of your Funky Fresh Kitchen challenge. I even used to steal a spaghetti noodle or two out of the pot before they all drowned in water.

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