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Because they’re good sources of protein and calcium, milk and dairy products form part of a healthy diet.
Different foods contain different amounts and combinations of amino acids (the building blocks of proteins). Meat and fish is the best source of protein, so vegans and vegetarians have to get all the protein they need by combining different plant sources of protein, e.g.
Frequent consumption of food and drinks containing non-milk extrinsic sugars (sometimes loosely called ‘added sugars’) can increase risk of tooth decay, especially if regular tooth-brushing with fluoride toothpaste is not practiced.
My 3 month old son has terrible reflux and his pediatrician sentenced me with the dairy free diet (read my first post on it here).
Now cutting out dairy, beef and soy, we’re hoping it gives his little body an easier time. My original concerns with cutting out dairy were that it would cut back on my calcium intake and my protein intake.

I’ve found a plant-based, soy free protein powder that is great and also found this helpful chart for non-dairy, meat alternative protein sources.
I can guarantee you that when I am done nursing, I will be eating dairy again, BUT, I will be keeping some of the dairy alternatives in my diet as well as the plant based proteins.
White fish like cod, haddock and coley are good sources of protein but are also low in fat. Whilst fat is a readily available fuel source and something we do not have to be particularly conscious of in our diets, even in very slender athletes, carbohydrate and protein levels are very important to consciously maintain. The calcium in dairy foods is particularly good for us because our bodies absorb it easily. Good vegetable sources of protein include beans, peas and lentils -В they also contain fibre, B vitamins and iron. Going dairy free has forced me to look much closer at what I eat, what my kids are eating, and really reading through everything that goes into our food.

As I mentioned in my last dairy free post, I am a skeptic when it’s claimed that one thing is THE thing for everyone. I don’t believe my son is allergic to dairy, he just struggles processing the proteins as many babies do. TMI.) I know that the growth hormone issue with cows is an issue for milk, but that aside, dairy itself is not evil (at least not for everyone).

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