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Beyonce cut out all liquids, apart from water, and axed rice, pasta and red meat from her diet in a bid to get in tip-top shape for her upcoming world tour. Thanks in part to a certain famous firefighter, a lot of people have been exposed in the last year or two to the “plant-based diet.” Maybe some of you have tried it or thought about trying it.
That’s because every March is also known as “No Meat March,” a whole month set aside to try out a plant-based diet for yourself.
Of course, there’s a lot more we could say about No Meat March, but there’s nothing like having the experience yourself.

Also, everyone needs to remember that if you’re giving up meat you need to substitute protein in your diet.
Maybe you’ll find you didn’t realize just how much you snack or how big today’s meat portions have gotten.
We’ll be doing a series of No Meat March-related posts, answering reader and client questions, from now through the end of March, so comment with your questions, stories, suggestions, recommendations or whatever else you’ve got, or use the contact form to send your thoughts directly.
You know I LOVE food but I am now on a healthy diet and although its only been 3 days I feel MUCH better about myself and how I’m living.

This is the only way we as humans would eat meat because we refuse to eat it raw and bloody like real carnivores. Gradually eliminate meat by replacing your normal Steak with a Chicken Salad loaded with lots of veggies.

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