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I've usually heard this as "eat paste", but "eat glue" is probably the same thing, especially judging from the informative graphic.
Although the harmful effects of gluten are controversial among health experts, it is known that several health conditions respond positively to a gluten-free diet (2, 3).
When wheat flour is mixed with water, the gluten proteins form a sticky cross-linking network that has a glue-like consistency (6). A gluten-free diet has also been shown to be effective for some cases of schizophrenia, autism and a type of cerebellar ataxia called gluten ataxia (15, 16, 17).
If you don’t really care about health, but simply want to avoid gluten, then you can include these foods in your diet.

If you truly want to succeed on a gluten-free diet, then there are many resources available. At the end of the day, a gluten-free diet can be incredibly healthy and satisfying, if done right. Lastly, I replaced the wheat germ with oat bran, when I was seeking to cut any gluten from my diet a while back, and it worked fine. Many ingredients that other countries consider poisonous are commonplace in mass-produced American foods.From a chemical compound found in yoga mats to 'meat glue,' it's all right there on the label.
So to get you started let me share with you a gluten free diet guide food list that you could work with to slowly help you eliminate gluten from your current diet.

Don’t rush into adapting a gluten free diet because it might either make you sick or put you off changing your diet all together. For guidance coordinate with a gluten free coach so you could properly integrate the above–í¬†gluten free diet guide food list to your dietary regimen.

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