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Howdy, just got my Ninja, super excited, there should be 2 booklets with recipes in them & guides for your unit.
There is a recipe book on the Ninja site that in the parts and accessories section that costs $29.95.
Just talked with Rachel from Ninja and was advised that the bowl will fit my base, the lids are not interchangeable, and don’t use the dough attachments as they will fry my motor. My mom just purchased a 900 watt NInja and we’ve been experimenting with a blended caramel iced coffee and are creating more foam than I can make when whipping cream! Can I make small servings of ice cream in small serving size cups in my ninja pulse or do I use the 40 oz. I suppose my blender could do some of these things…but the ease of the clean up with the Ninja is super fast !!! I bought the Ninja 400, then saw the Ninja Prep, bought that, then saw the 1100 an I bought that. I just purchased the Ninja Master Prep Professional (Model BQ1004C) from Canadian Tire last night.

I had a smoothie this morning using the Ninja Prep Pro and was very please on how thick and frothy it was. I found your website recently by searching for recipes for the Ninja blender because I just recently got one.
I was impressed by the smoothies created by the Nutri Ninja representatives at Fitbloggin', and thrilled when I received my very own Nutri Ninja pro to review This product has been sitting, unopened, until I got my midterm grades done and had a chance to play with it. I don't think the Nutri Ninja can replace a food processor, just because it tends to liquify everything. The Ninja Blender Recipe Book - 100+ Smoothie & Soup Recipes for the Ninja Blender (Ninja Recipes) - Kindle edition by Avery Scott. Here are the recipes I’ve created using the Ninja Professional Blender, Ninja Pulse, or Ninja Mega Kitchen System. The new Nutribullet has a website that gives you recipes for healthy smoothes and describes what they do in your body. After reading reviews on here I find out I was one of the lucky few who actually got a recipe book included with mine.

I love all your recipes and intend to make almost all of the ones featured here, and look forward to more recipes in the future. I'm pretty experienced with blenders and food processors, so I wanted to see if this could replace both products. I noticed again that the consistency was much more liquid than I get from my blender -- my blender tends to leave things slushier.
That way you do not have a cook book thay costs a lot and you will only have recipes you like! There is a salsa recipe in the accompanying recipe booklet, but I think you would have to be very careful not to turn that into vegetable juice. I think I may have to photocopy the Magic Bullet recipes before I send that to the second hand store.

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