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Most people are eating nightshade plants daily and have no idea they contains small amounts of neurotoxins, that are causing them pain and digestive problems.
As part of my crusade to create awareness of nightshades and their toxins, I put together this nightshade free cookbook. In the book you will find the evidence from scientific studies showing how nightshades are harmful to many people.
Nightshade’s cause injury to your joints in two ways, the first is with inflammation, and the second is by a system of depositing calcium into the joint itself. Find out how nightshades are affecting you and your loved ones today, and what you can do to prevent being harmed by them over time.
Mr Fowler has written a comprehensive book on a health problem that largely goes unrecognized by physician and lay person alike.
Nightshades cause endless health problems for so many people, who could be living wonderful lives.

If you are in constant pain, suffering from migraines or digestive problems, please read my book and pass it on to someone who can use it too!
Nightshade Free, Pain Free is an interesting book on the power of changing your diet to eliminate pain. When I purchased the book, I thought it was a cookbook eliminating nightshade, but it is actually a well-researched book on the foods that, for some people, contribute to pain. Solanines in nightshades can cause a myriad of different health problems in susceptible individuals. The focus is on the nightshade family, which includes tomatoes, white potatoes, eggplant, peppers (not black pepper), and tobacco. On page 114 he lists the possible long term effects of making nightshades a regular part of your diet. Since Michael himself discovered that eating nightshades triggered his health problems, his passion to pass on this information is apparent.  Because he is not a scientist, you may want to investigate some of the sources in his reference section.

If you think you have symptoms that cause pain, you can try the nightshade-free diet without any cost to you. Most of the public are eating nightshades without even knowing they are eating the same toxins found in tobacco. I can see the benefits for myself and I believe the book is a real gift to so many of us who are suffering needlessly. If so, you may be one of the people who has a reaction to these foods and may want to cut back on how often you eat them, or eat nightshades only once every four days to help your body remove the toxins they trigger in your body. Hundreds of people have found relief and healing from arthritis, by following a nightshade free diet.

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