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I'm Gbemi, a Nigerian living in my country, student, DIY amateur guru, makeup personnel - whatever that is lol - i.e. That’s better I think it is realistic and practible but for someone like me I would not like to eat wheat in the morning and in the afternoon again what about what in the morning then boiled plantain with vegetable in the afternoon. I sort of think that for a grown up adult its rather difficult for someone to survive on 1slice of bread and egg,for people that wake up early to leave for work, you have to eat and by the time its heading towards 12 noon you are seeing double.Are there no recomended snacks that also boost metabolism like nuts,some fruits that can be included in this plan cos realy this is under feeding your body especialy if you are the working type or active during the day. So my ingredients for this Turning regular every day foods into sauce is as few as my granny’s but I must admit that there was a touch to those village soups and dishes that is difficult to replicate in the cities.
You can use canned Kidney beans and this can be found where canned foods like baked beans, green peas are sold. I am yet to see a typical Nigerian home where Rice and Stew does not feature at least ones a week on the menu. I have however provided a suggested meal plan in which the caloric content of foods, portion sizes and the easy availability of the foods В have all been fully considered and if followed will В help weight loss.
Today on the menu I bring you a dish I am also experiencing for the first time, Editan soup is another interesting addition to your Nigerian soup list.
5, When sauce starts to boil add the meat balls and carrots and cook till sauce thickens, this will take just 2-3 minutes.

I love meals I can rustle up quickly В with great food items from my fridge ,without having to think of a name В for it, at the end I will find a name for it anyway.
Cashew nut just like any other nut contains good oil that is beneficial to the heart.If you trying to check weight gain then reduce quantities of nuts you eat including cashew nut because of the oil content .
Nigerian small chops repertoire is getting to be quite predictable, and to think that there are lots more we can offer with the variety of foods at our disposal. From Senegal to Brazil to Savannah, GA, these foods can be found in the African heritage tradition.
I rily want to lose weight but as a student there is the feeling of eating heavily after been stressed. Even on invitation cards to parties Nigerians have abbreviated RSVP to mean rice and stew very plenty. Paired with rice, yams, dodo, pasta the Nigerian stew is such a versatile sauce and brings that taste element to our regular carbohydrate foods.
This is not a typical Nigerian combination but trust me the crunchiness of the Okro and the high fibre it contributes to our health is well worth bringing Okro into a stew pot. I know that the average Nigerian and West African may not be able to find cheese in the open market.

That feeling of lightness on your feet when your walking , high energy level, good night sleep, are some of the benefits I am experiencing.The body is just like a car, park it for a long time and it will not function well when you try to drive it again.
All the ingredients were of course sourced from her garden, talk of organic food at its best.So red kidney beans is one of my inspiration for this dish. The temptation to have drastic weight loss is always there but the better and healthier and also more sustainable way is to follow a healthy eating pattern and exercise. The other inspiration is that I simply wanted to purГ©e the ugwu В just like you will do for Nigerian black soup.
This is simply another very В interesting and flavorful Nigerian soup but without the addition of palm oil. After all weight gain comes when the body is not able to use up all the energy we eat from food and so stores these up as fat.

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