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In human “natural fertility societies,” meaning groups that don’t use birth control, women breastfeed their children for an average of 27 months—until toddlers reach 2 years and a few months in age. Psouni and her colleagues investigated the mystery by analyzing the weaning patterns of 67 mammalian species, including apes, humans and other creatures. Whatever the reason, the ancestors of modern humans acquired a major evolutionary advantage when they started consuming flesh between 2.6 and 2 million years ago, the researchers believe.
They developed formulas based on factors thought to influence weaning age, including brain mass and diet.

Eating meat may have allowed our ancestors to grow fruitful, multiply and spread across the planet, a new study suggests. The researchers found that carnivores—animals that get 20 percent or more of their energy from meat—stop nursing their young relatively early. The ensuing population explosion drove early humans to settle distant corners of the globe. That’s because carnivorous diets go hand in hand with early weaning, a behavioral trait that distinguishes humans from their closest ape cousins.

Since these great apes live only five to six decades at the very most, they spend a much greater portion of their years nursing than their human relatives. Second, it’s possible that meat-eating young start digesting solid food earlier than their herbivore and omnivore counterparts.

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