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I understand that a lot of people are only now beginning their journey of understanding the role of sugar in our diets so I thought I might lay out some information to make it all a bit clearer (in case you haven’t seen the film or read the book or even if you have and it still seems overwhelming).
SUGARS naturally occurring in fruits, vegetables and dairy are OKAY but SUGARS removed from their original source and ADDED to foods, we need to be wary of. When reading a label, its important to check the ingredients list and look out for any sugars listed above.
As I experienced, when it is able to access the liver very quickly, there is no regulation process for it (because it was so rare in nature when we were evolving) so it rapidly gets turned into fat. The other important point to understandВ is around a natural sugar found in dairy products called LACTOSE В (Stephen Fry explains this in the film and the book).
If you are reading a label for plain milk you will notice it has a fair bit of sugar in it.
This is another area to look out for as we can often get a very high level of concentrated sugar in dried fruits.

A final point to remember with all these new discoveries about sugar is to be kind to yourself. ExpertsВ I have spoken to suggest that anything under 5 grams of sugar per 100 grams is okay to keep in the pantry. This process is greatly effected and halted when the fructose is absorbed with the fibre of the fruit. If you ate sugar cane juice straight from the plant, it only makes up about 10% of the plant and you would eat it by also chewing the stalk and getting some fibre to slow down absorption.
The naturally occurring lactose in yoghurt is around 1 teaspoon per 100 grams, so any more sugar than that is going to be the added sugar that the WHO is referring to.
Some products may have a little bit of sugar in them but thats okay, try to avoid being extreme if you can. So 19 grams divided by 4 (4 grams per teaspoon) is over 4 teaspoons, closer to 5, so lets say 5 teaspoons of sugar.

We know that 1 teaspoon per 100 gram is lactose which means that in 170 grams there will be 1.7 teaspoons of natural lactose sugar. But once we remove the water, the structure changes and weВ can get a huge hit of concentrated sugar straight to our system. If you are going for a yoghurt, I would suggest a plain Greek Yoghurt and add your own whole fruit if needed.

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