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It may help to eat more foods that contain natural antihistamine or are known to reduce inflammation, as may be the case with several fruits and vegetables such as (but not limited to) the ones pictured above, as well as foods containing omega-3 fatty acids like fish oil for example. Foods high in calcium (especially non-dairy), flavonoids (such as Quercetin) may help with both hay fever and asthma, though it can interact with some antibiotics and other medications – another example of why you should always consult a healthcare professional before changing your diet.

Basically, these two compete with each other for the same enzymes, so with the standard western diet containing as much as 30 times the amount of omega-6 compared to omega-3, often the omega-3 fats can struggle to do their job, and the chance of sickness may become greater. Always consult your doctor or medically qualified allergy healthcare professional to understand what you are allergic to, and for their advice on all dietary matters.

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