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My hCG diet success stories all center around the valuable lessons I learned about the relationship between stress and weight gain in the ten years that my weight climbed from 160 to 270 lbs. Here are some Pounds and Inches Away HCG Before and After Pictures from our valued past and current customers who have completed the HCG Diet; not paid professionals.
These HCG success stories give you example of REAL weight loss that can happen with the Pounds & Inches Away HCG Plan.
As for my sister, she’s since written a book on the protocol, HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide, and we coauthored a HCG recipe book, 101 Worry-Free HCG Diet Recipes. HCG is a life saver for anybody who is trying to lose weight and has never been able to lose more than 2 or 3 pounds at a time and gain 3 or 4 back. We hope you enjoyed reading our HCG success stories from Pounds and Inches Away HCG clients.
In 2009 I heard about a product called HCG from a friend of mine, she had told me all about it and reveled that she got her information through a friend who had done it and received dramatic results. She then explained that this was a new form of HCG that allowed you to take the HCG without injections. Soon after my diet, the HCG craze hit and I began hearing ads on the radio advertising the new diet. I used the prescribed weeks off between hCG courses to get comfortable at my new weight and practice new skills maintaining it. If you would like to share you story please do so by sending us an email and who knows, may be your story will inspire others like we certainly hope Mel’s has.
After partnering with two former HCG clients, a chiropractor and a psychologist, Pounds and Inches Away, Inc., was born. HCG has helped me lose weight rapidly and effectively with no side effects The Pounds and Inches HCG support staff is always available to answer HCG questions and lend moral support if it is needed.

When I began the HCG program I did not know if I could stay with this HCG system to lose weight, however the HCG results were quick and the weight loss substantial, therefore it was easy to stay on track.
I felt like a 32 year old before the diet–out of shape and borderline high blood pressure. Curious I decided to call one of the weight loss centers to ask them how much they charged to do the diet.
The book referred to a doctor’s diet protocol that made perfect sense to her and explained our struggle in detail.
Pounds and Inches Away offers expert support with the HCG diet protocol as developed by Dr. To go on a diet meant sacrificing everything you like to eat and taking a long time to see any substantial results. I was able to lose over 30 pounds in just over three weeks on HCG and I couldn’t happier with the way I look and feel.
At age 68 I decided I’d probably never be able to stay on a diet long enough to lose the 35 lbs I needed to lose. So if you are serious about losing weight then stop dieting and get the cure of HCG: Pounds and Inches Away. Sublingual HCG allows you to take HCG in a form of drops made from something called HCG Pregnyl. Simeons Original Protocol called “Pounds and Inches.” All products offered on this site are from certified 3rd party manufacturers and are not manufactured by HCG Buy Direct. You order the HCG through a licensed pharmacy which you do need a prescription for (which I will explain more about) you then mix it with some vitamin B12 and colloidal silver and boom you have a liquid! I think I had paid under $100 in doing the protocol all together after the HCG and shipping and buying a George Forman grill.

I knew dieting, and there couldn’t possibly be anything out there that would work the way she anticipated.
I can’t say enough good things about the encouragement from the HCG support staff of Pounds and Inches Away. They tell you step by step what you can have on HCG and as long as you follow the HCG protocol of Dr. There were some points when I did want to change things I tried dieting, weight loss pills that only left me feeling jittery and nauseated. This injustice inspired me to not only inform, but help people understand the HCG protocol and determine if it is right for them. Simeons protocol that explained how the diet worked and detailed instructions on how to do it yourself.
I am not a licensed professional just trying to sell a product, I'm simply a fellow dieter wanting to share what I have learned. I owe a lot of my success to them in fact, and you can enjoy learning more about them to achieve your very best Weight Loss with hCG. Anyone with hCG Diet Success Stories to share has a picture like this one. And no, I didn’t cheat.

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