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Right…now we can continue with why I didn’t get fat eating over 5,000 calories a day of a high fat low carb diet of natural foods for 21 days!
I have always been a sceptic of the efficacy of calories use in how we interact with food, as I have always thought that I eat more than I burn yet remain the same weight and waist measurement. In the diagram below you can see that a person who weighs 80kg and is 15% body fat, nearly what I am, stores approximately 108,000 calories of body fat. It is completely possible to reverse these biochemical imbalances with a high carb natural foods diet as well as with a high fat natural foods diet, as this has been demonstrated with doctors from both sides of the carbs vs fat wars. For me the journey of proving a calorie is not just a calorie when it comes to eating food is not over. This is one I make for feed days and after adding up the calories I realised it could also be a Fast Day dinner! With this in mind I decided to take action on this challenging question by conducting a 21 day experiment where I ate 5,794 calories of a high fat low carb diet of natural foods to see if I put on as much weight as the calorie formula says I should. Well the simple answer is dietary fat doesn’t really make you fat and in fact is the least likely macro-nutrient to make you fat from overconsumption. The best part of this type of diet is that you don’t have to worry about calories, you just stop when your full and your body will do the rest.

Exercise can help move things along quicker and re-balance your biochemical health, but it is important to know that you can’t out exercise a bad diet.
In September I will be doing another 21 day 5,000 calorie challenge with refined and sugary carbohydrates and in January 2014 I will be doing it with just natural carbohydrates, where I will go into more detail about how our body interacts with food. I have my last (I hope) consult with the haematologist in a couple of weeks and he’ll have the results of my blood test then.
The notion that we are just a simple calorie formula, adding and subtracting calories from a predetermined daily energy expenditure by nature is a fundamental flaw in how we perceive food and go about weight management. If you’d like to see my daily diet please click here to download or see the table below. Initial results suggest I have a genetic clotting disorder which tends not to manifest until this sort of time of life. In a clear and concise statement, a calorie is a calorie but the nutrients of the food and your individual biochemistry dictate how your body expresses those calories.
Not exactly congruent with the linear weight gain and waist increase the calorie formula shows in my results graph and photos below. We have copious amounts of data showing traditional diets that are high in fat and high in carbs with both populations living happy healthy lives.

If you can fit in some fasts or half fasts you should be able to keep your calories relatively balanced and come out the other side of the holidays seeing the same sort of numbers on the scales as before. The reason for this is that when we store carbohydrates we can store approximately 2,000 calories or 500g worth on the average person before it spills over into your fat stores. This can enable you to enjoy a good social meal without going overboard on your daily calorie intake. Unless their biochemical imbalances are rebalanced they will remain overweight or obese, even in a calorie deficit in a lot of cases, and will most likely develop either type 2 diabetes, chronic heart disease, cancer, alzheimer’s or even a combination of these called metabolic syndrome.
This might be news to some low fat advocates but a lot of the high carbohydrate diet you’re eating actually becomes fat in your body, just like how a cow creates fatty milk from grass.

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