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In our busy lives, with barely any time to ensure we always adopt a ‘balanced diet’, bag-after-bag of potato wafers and can-after-can of diet colas miraculously end up on our desks. Bengaluru-based nutritionist Anju Sood warns us, “Short term diet plans deprive the body of essential nutrients and cause water loss, instead of fat loss. Social media remains abuzz with the quirkiest (and the not-so-quirky) diets and dieting ideologies (yes, these you have to follow for the rest of your life). Agriculture is one of the most significant landmarks in human civilization, with almost every meal we have in a day majorly comprising of wheat, rice, dairy products and legumes in one form or the other. This diet is considered more of a lifestyle change than a short term weight loss plan- allowing whatever the caveman ate- meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables and the occasional nuts and seeds- because experts claim that the caveman was fitter than farmers, not susceptible to obesity and high blood pressure.
Former president of the United States, Bill Clinton couldn’t stop going on about the benefits of becoming gluten-free post his heart surgery when he needed to take up a healthier diet; and while back then it was a brand-new term, today ‘gluten-free’ is considered synonymous with health and a happy gut.

The exponentially-rising figure of gluten-sensitivity cases all over the world has generated awareness about the devil’s role that this protein plays - leading to the autoimmune Celiac disease which corrodes the intestinal wall, the Irritable Bowel Syndrome and also some neurological ailments.
All of us have this one friend who vanishes off the face of the earth and then after a week or two materializes out of thin air looking as thin as air. View all.ConnectDon't miss out on breaking news, live chats, lively debates, and inspiring stories. The confusion over what is an ideal diet somehow makes us altogether ignore the hard facts that we all know- only a controlled diet and daily exercise reap lasting results. If you’re ready to blame the ‘modern grain’ for all your woes, the Paleo diet is here to help you stay lean, strong and energetic, keeping you away from saturated fats and sodium and stocking up on fibre, healthy fats and protein.
Gluten is found in grains like wheat, rye and barley which are a strict no but the diet allows all unprocessed beans, seeds, nuts, rice, meat and fish.

Just one week of controlled eating and you could go all out and flaunt a gorgeous saree or fit into those super-cute skinny jeans. Whether these diet plans are just fads or actually a healthy lifestyle option will always remain a debate shrouded in confusion (with the world’s opinion divided at the median) but there’s no doubt about their celebrity-status. 7-day or 30-day diet fads have made the world go crazy in the recent past, because of their tantalizing promises, muting out critics who point out the ill-effects of these diets in the long run.
Each day allows a single type of food in very (very) less quantities but an unlimited amount of Cabbage Soup can be consumed.

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