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Recent studies have shown that Kimchi may prevent certain types of cancer including breast cancer in woman and it can even lower cholesterol. The fermented cabbage dish known as kimchi is extremely popular in some Asian countries, such as Korea.
Some doctors have shown that there is evidence that kimchi might also increase the risk of stomach cancer.
Kimchi is very low in fats, including saturated fats that are generally threatening to a diet or fitness plan.
Kimchi has a lot of the essential vitamins and nutrients that the body needs to be healthy. The bottom line is that kimchi has some pretty commonly established health benefits, but it's also considered potentially harmful if eaten excessively.
This delicacy has made its way to the American plate in recent years, and some health minded food shoppers might want to know about the nutritional content of this vegetable based food. According to nutritional estimates, a 150 gram serving of kimchi would include just over 40 calories.

According to medical reports, this exotic food contains various kinds of probiotics, healthy bacteria that can help create a "balance" in the digestive system.
Scientists have identified some potential carcinogens in the food, but not at extremely high levels. Knowing more about what you eat can help you make the right decisions about a weight-loss-oriented meal plan or overall healthy diet. This makes the food much lower in calories than potatoes or other vegetable dishes popular in the U.S. Lots of people are drawn to this food because of the idea that it can stabilize the bacterial environment in the digestive tract. This has led some doctors to suggest that kimchi is fine when eaten in moderation, along with a regular diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. Kimchi does have some of the antioxidants and other health boosters found in fresh produce, but as a rule, buying raw produce and cooking it yourself is preferable from a health standpoint.
While the buzz about kimchi, sauerkraut, and other foods exaggerates their perks, research has shown fermented foods can improve your health in at least a few ways.In a study in Nutrition Research, participants ate regular, unfermented kimchi (a traditional Korean pickled cabbage dish, pictured above) for four weeks and then switched to fermented kimchi for another four weeks.

It's much lower in calories than most of the processed snacks on the common supermarket shelf.
Take a look at how kimchi can be a tasty addition to your fitness meal plan, along with other less processed varieties of vegetable foods.
During the fermented phase, participants showed improvements in cholesterol and carbohydrate metabolism in addition to increased weight loss compared to when they consumed unfermented kimchi. It appears that either the bacteria that causes fermentation, the changes in foods as a result of fermentation, or both are required for the health perks.Another study published in the Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering found that longer fermentation periods resulted in higher levels of antioxidants in kimchi.

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