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Trader Joe's has such a cult following that a new store opening brings front page news and traffic jams, as recently demonstrated in my old neighborhood of Winter Park, Florida. We riffled through past Trader Joe's posts and comments (hundreds of them!) to sift out some of our readers' favorites. I appreciate the convenience items TJ's offers, like pre-cooked lentils and beets, which of course are easy to make myself but are so helpful when I don't have much time and still want to eat healthy. That joint emphasis on budget basics and luxury treats to sweeten the trip is certainly seen in our readers' favorites from Trader Joe's (see posts here, here, and here — so many comments!). People love the chocolate at Trader Joe's — especially their big, inexpensive bars that are great for pastry and baking.
Trader Joe's is a good source of inexpensive basics like canned tomatoes but roasted red peppers are my own favorite; I always scoop up a few jars there.

It should come as no surprise that Trader Joe’s is a great place to get deals on groceries. The unique products, the friendly people, and the customer service are just a few reasons why I find myself frequenting TJ’s more often than other food shops.
While most of their produce does indeed, suck, their bananas are super cheap and usually green so they have time to be used. Our readers are not immune to TJ's mania, and many of you consider Trader Joe's an essential resource in stocking your pantry with staples and treats. It deals in luxury non-essentials like chocolate, nuts, and prepared foods while offering just enough budget basics to make you feel like you actually went grocery shopping and didn't just pick up snacks for a cocktail party. Several of you mentioned these, and they're an example of how Trader Joe's does prepared and processed foods just as they should be: Indulgent, not a daily affair, but absolutely perfect for those moments when you just want a hot croissant.

Although I tend to shop around to get great deals on food (see previous post on ALDIВ and Whole Foods), I usually leave Trader Joe’s with a bag full of groceries. The one close to my house has the most horrible parking in the history of parking… but I still go all the time! My very favorite wine and cheese combo come from there (Floriana Gruner Veltliner and Unexpected Cheddar), and I always pick up a bag or two of Edamame (super cheap!) for a healthy snack.

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