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However, eating a hearty breakfast has been shown to actually help people lose weight in the long run! Keep in mind: A good breakfast full of whole grains and fiber will fill you up and prevent you from reaching for those empty calories later on, like donuts and soda! Protein is something that many people lack in their diet, but it can be extremely beneficial when trying to lose weight. I can stand 100% by 2 of your points in the list, I eat a full and hearty breakfast every morning and not only does it set me up for the day and prepare my mind, but it also stops me from picking snacks during my main meals.

Breakfast would be my number one tip also, after not eating breakfast for years i noticed a big difference with my diet after eating a healthy (ish) breakfast each day. I drink lemon water every morning- it helps to alkalize my body and cleanse out toxins which interfere with metabolism.
Eating breakfast is important so you don’t let yourself get to the point of starvation by noon, then eat like an anaconda!
Eggs and bacon may have come under fire recently as breakfast choices, but the protein in eggs helps to stabilize insulin throughout the day; meaning a sugar crash isn’t likely before lunch.

Since I started having breakfast every morning, my energy levels are higher and I have already started losing weight!

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